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Last Updated on October 21, 2022

Isn’t keeping so many tools to deal with different PDF-related tasks so bothersome? How about I tell you about a PDF tool that solves all PDF problems in one place? Let us get started with my honest UPDF Review.

UPDF is the all-rounder player in the game of PDF, and it comes with an AppSumo lifetime deal! So, you have a PDF reader, a PDF editor and converter, and other tools to do pesky tasks relating to PDF files. I say, throw all those single-purpose PDF tools into the trashcan and bring home UPDF.

I am not a salesman trying to convince you to buy the UPDF lifetime deal. I am a mere researcher thirsty to know about different tools in the online market. I would try my best to give an honest UPDF review. So, without further ado, let me start my UPDF review.

In this UPDF lifetime deal review, we will go through what is UPDF. its features, pricing and lifetime deal terms, and more.

You can also know, UPDF lifetime deal pricing, lifetime deal term, and many more. Please read until the end to better understand about UPDF lifetime deal.

UPDF AppSumo Lifetime Deal is now available on AppSumo. Please check it out!

What is UPDF?

UPDF is an all-in-one PDF tool that lets you handle PDF-related tasks like viewing, editing, converting, annotating, sharing, and securing. This magnificent PDF tool allows you to change things in the document right in the viewing state.


UPDF is the perfect combination of comfort and affordability. The need for advanced PDF tools is growing with the increasing demand for PDF documents in various sectors. UPDF has the potential to come high in the rankings of the best PDF tools. You can get a full view of the pages and the authority to make any changes to the PDF, share it, and secure it with a password.

Part of UPDF’s popularity comes from its universal compatibility. Being universal means the type of media does not matter for UPDF to run smoothly. UPDF can work on all operating systems, including windows, mac, iOS, and android.

UPDF Features

UPDF is a robust PDF tool that features a PDF viewer, editor, converter, and annotation facility. I have enlisted the vital features of UPDF for you with brief details.

  • PDF Viewer
  • PDF Editor
  • PDF Annotation
  • PDF Converter

PDF Viewer

What if you could pick your favorite color as your PDF reader’s background color? I would love to have a light orange background if I could change that boring white background of my PDF reader.

UPDF appsumo

UPDF will give you that freedom. You can turn on dark mode or change the background to any color you like in UPDF. This feature is the reason why UPDF intrigues me so much.

One of UPDF’s prominent features is the customizable PDF viewer. Many PDF readers provide a straightforward PDF viewer, which can be tedious and monotonous. UPDF’s developers understood that and worked on making UPDF’s reading experience comfortable and exciting.

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PDF Editor

Suppose you are reading a PDF document and want to change some of its elements. Now, are you going to open it in a PDF editor tool?

UPDF AppSumo Deal

You did not have to switch to the editing tool if you were reading it in UPDF. The UPDF editor lets you edit the document right where you were reading it. Edit the font, and color, change the text size, and add images right then and there with UPDF.

PDF Annotation

Most PDF files include tons of text and pages. It would be very convenient for you if you could point out the essential parts to make them easier to find later, right?

UPDF deal

You can find the crucial points of the PDF whenever you need if you have annotated those points previously with UPDF. Highlight, draw, add notes, or use shapes; annotate your PDF documents any way you like.

PDF Converter

Alongside all the essential features, UPDF provides you the freedom to convert your PDF files to different types of files. Conversion of PDF files into Word, Excel, PowerPoint, HTML, XML, PDF/A, Text, CSV, or jpeg format is super easy with UPDF.

Benefits of UPDF

I do not see why you should not use UPDF when it gives you so many benefits. I pointed out as many benefits as possible, and the list could go on. Anyway, check out these benefits of UPDF and decide for yourself.

  • Comfortable view: You can change the background to dark mode or choose your preferred color to ensure comfort to your eyes.
  • Convenient PDF editing: Edit the document right in the viewing state and edit several pages in the same place.
  • Universal support: UPDF is a PDF tool that supports all types of operating systems like Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.
  • Affordable: UPDF does not put too much pressure on your wallet and has the UPDF lifetime deal for even more affordability.
  • Privacy and security: You can secure your privacy by adding an open password or a permission password to the PDF files.
  • Easy share: You can easily share the PDF through a shareable link or email.

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UPDF AppSumo Lifetime Deal Terms and Plans

  • Lifetime access to UPDF
  • 60-day hassle-free money-back guarantee
  • You must activate your license within 60 days of purchase
  • All future starter plan updates
PlanLicence Tier 1
Text EditYes
Edit ImageYes
Convert PDF to Excel,Word, PowerPoint, Images, HTML, XML, PDF/A, Text , CSV
Annotate PDFโˆš
Share PDFEmail or Via Link
Price$39.99 (One-time purchase)

UPDF is now offering to buy their tools with a lifetime deal through AppSumo.If you buy any one licensee tier, you will get lifetime access to it.


Is UPDF Cloud based or device based?

UPDF is a device-based tool, meaning you must install the software on your device.

Where can I find a Mac-compatible version of UPDF?

You can download and purchase UPDF on the Mac App Store.

How many devices can access one account?

One person can enjoy one license, but UPDF provides several redeeming chances if you change your device.

Does UPDF support the Arabic language?

Unfortunately, UPDF lacks support for some popular languages, and Arabic is one of them.

Is there any free option to use UPDF?

UPDF’s 7-day trial pack will convert one page as a demo. You have to buy a UPDF license to enjoy UPDF to the fullest.


As I mentioned earlier, a UPDF AppSumo lifetime deal is going on. But remember, the UPDF lifetime deal features the UPDF converter, and the UPDF subscription plan has more features than the lifetime deal version.

Nevertheless, UPDF is a very convenient PDF tool, and both packages are competent enough to be on your computer. Which version you should go for depends on your work requirements.

Go for the official subscription plan if you want all the features. Purchase the UPDF lifetime deal including other lifetime deals if you want a more affordable deal and would not mind a little bit of limitation.

I hope you have enjoyed reading about the UPDF AppSumo Lifetime Deal. If you want this tool for you, I strongly suggest grabbing this without any delay. Please share this content with your friends if you found this post helpful.

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