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Last Updated on January 31, 2023

There is no better way to increase website traffic than by generating leads. A lead has expressed an interest in your product or service and is on the fence about whether or not to buy.

Are you a lead generator? Then this post helps to ease your work pressure. Because I’m just trying to make a list of the best lead generation tools, and these tools reduce word work pressure and save your time magically. Check this list out and choose what works best for you best. I will include only these tools with lifetime deals in this write-up. So do not worry about the cost of buying these tools.

There are many different methods for generating leads, so you must find one that works best for your company and target audience.

After reading this post, you will know What lead generation is, the Benefits of Lead generation, the 6 best lead generation tools, and their lifetime deal terms and pricing.

What is Lead Generation?

A company becomes successful only when it is popular among people. Today, in our modern lifestyle, we frequently use products from around the world. Some are familiar; others are not. But if you ever think, what lets you know about the products? That comes to the point.

Lead Generation

Lead generation is an information-gathering process. That is to collect the information of the targeted company or individuals to promote or sell a service or product.

Lead generation is one of the sectors of digital marketing. In this sector of digital marketing, certain information about a targeted company or individual, such as name, address, title, occupation, email, and other information, is collected.

With the help of lead generation, the customer’s needs and demands are known, and accordingly, the product is presented in front of the person. And every piece of information is a lead.

Benefits of Lead Generation

Now a day, a company without a lead generation strategy can’t achieve its targeted profit. The growth and revenue of a company always depend on its customers.

How can customers purchase from you if customers don’t know about your product or service? Lead generation does this promotion for you. Without them, it’s very challenging to increase revenue and growth.

Lead generation helps to expand your business. When you start a business, you must target a specific group of people. But this is not the only sector of targeting. Lead generation helps you to learn about your prospects.

Lead generation is a must for gathering more customer reviews, growing your following, boosting your revenue, building visibility and awareness, and so on. In this busy time, people.

That is why there are innumerable numbers of lead generation software have been invented. You can choose from them what is suitable for you. But it is too time-consuming to analyze all the software and choose the right one for you. Don’t be puzzled. I am here for your help.

I’ve listed a short list of 6 lead generation software with Appsumo’s lifetime deal. Though not all lead generation tools come with an Appsumo lifetime deal, you can count my list in.

Check out my best lead generation software that provides the best 6 lead generation software with an Appsumo lifetime deal.

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Best Lead Generation Tools

There are a lot of lead-generation tools available in the marketplace. But as we all know that all are not good at all. You just have to find out the right one for you.

My today’s write-up, I think, will help you to choose the best one for you. Just take a look.

  • LeadRocks
  • useArtemis
  • GoZen Forms
  • Lead Scrap
  • Optinly
  • Spylead


LeadRocks comes first on my list, with a reliable B2B contact database gathering more than 100M records, emails, phone numbers, and LinkedIn profiles.


LeadRocks app searches Lead based on company name or URL, location, job title, team size, and industry. LeadRocks uploads a list of URLs of individuals’ LinkedIn profiles. It performs its best by using one or a combination of multiple filters.

LeadRocks Features

  • Search Leads based on job title, company name or URL, location, industry, and team size.
  • Only official and legal sources originated data.
  • To gear up your prospecting upload your CSV into your CRM or any automation tool.


useArtemis comes second on my list. It is an email & phone number-finding tool. It helps users to find almost anyone’s contact details in just a second.


Only official and legal source-originated data are provided by this tool. It is a great solution to find contact details using filters such as company name, job title, name, location, and more.

useArtemis Features

  • useArtemis Outreach Plan.
  • Get authentic data from an original source within a second.

Gozen Forms

Are you looking for a no-coding tool for your lead generation? Now your wait is over. GoZen Forms is a no-code tool that lets you create any form to attract the type of leads you’re looking for.

Gozen Forms

With Gozen Forms, You can build unlimited online forms, surveys, and quizzes from scratch and able to customize dynamic online forms without code. Also, you can create any form using industry-specific templates

Gozen Forms Features

  • With this tool, you can build any form from scratch and customize dynamic online forms without code using industry-specific templates.
  • Use conditional logic to keep your questions relevant and monitor results with real-time analytics.

Lead Scrape

Lead Scrape helps you find B2B Leads in any category across many countries in the world. All leads can be exported in CSV and Excel.

Lead Scrape

Lead Scrape helps you find B2B leads in any category. For each lead, you can get the business name, address, phone, website, email, contact name, social media properties, Seo data, lat/long, and so on.

Their software will deliver data in CSV format and can be imported into any lead tracking software and marketing automation tool you currently use for your pipeline management.

Lead Scrape Features

  • Powerful and Dynamic Email Verifier
  • Support on Windows and Mac OS
  • The capability of Email Scraping
  • Ability to Extract social media profiles
  • CSV and Excel Export Format
  • Integrates with Ahrefs, SEMrush, Million Verifier, Hunter, Snov.io, and more.


Optinly is one of my favorite tools for lead generation. It has specific goals for targeted customer engagement. Optinly lets you easily build goal-based website popups with specific triggers to engage visitors and grow your customer base. This tool comes with no popup codes.


Optinly takes the guesswork out of making pop-ups by offering professional templates based on your goals.

Optinly Features

  • Customize eye-catching pop-ups from templates based on your marketing goals.
  • Create unlimited pop-up campaigns with triggers for a device, exit intent, time delays, and more.
  • You’ll have options for scenarios like collecting feedback, promoting special offers, increasing cart value, and more to make sure the pop-up matches the message.
  • With your goals clearly defined, you can start creating successful campaigns quickly.
  • Optinly comes equipped with a built-in editor, so you can make any template your own.


And last but not the list Spylead is here to find your desired email from LinkedIn, Google maps, SERP, and much more!


With Spylead, you can find emails and extract data from LinkedIn, Google Maps, and Search Engine. You can also verify the emails and find them by first name, last name, and email.

Spylead Features

  • Email and data scraper from google maps
  • LinkedIn email finder
  • Find an email from the name, last name, and domain
  • Verify email list with accuracy
  • You can share your plan with your team members!
  • Connect Spylead with your favorite tool and create amazing automation

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In this strong race of survival, you keep pace with time. You must choose a time-saving tool. I’m trying to show you some useful tools for the lead generation sector in this write-up. Check them out and choose the right one for you.

I hope you have enjoyed reading about the best lead generation software Lifetime Deal. If you want to get lead for your business growth, I strongly suggest one of the tools to increase your revenue.

If you need lead generation tools for your business, you should buy them immediately. Because these deals usually stays live for 1 to 2 weeks, and with the Appsumo deal, you get it at a lower price for a lifetime.

I believe you will grab this opportunity without any delay! Please share this post with your friends and colleagues if you found this post helpful.

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