13 Best Affiliate Marketing Tools that Boost Your Affiliate Commissions


Last Updated on July 28, 2023

When it comes to affiliate marketing, tools are your best friend. It can help your company become more effective and efficient in its daily operations. Affiliate marketing tools can help you obtain more traffic and complete your tasks quickly and easily. With the capacity to track your success like a pro, these tools will also help you at every point of your journey, from campaign conception to optimization!

The 13 best affiliate marketing tools can be used for various tasks. From tracking ad campaigns to examining a competitor’s profitable keywords, they are mentioned below to assist you in making the best decisions.

Before we start, just check out the process of how to start affiliate marketing as a beginner.

13 Best Affiliate Marketing Tools

Through affiliate marketing, anyone can make money by advertising the goods or services of other businesses. Managing many product offerings at once is another major obstacle in affiliate marketing. Here are the 13 best affiliate marketing tools.

Ashrefs1. Analytics solution for your affiliate website that is simple to use.
2. Real-time monitoring and traffic analysis.
3. Detailed study of behaviour.
AnyTrack1. Simple rank tracking
2. A highly effective site audit
3. Coverage of the content marketing pipeline
SEMRush1. Easy to navigate
2. Tracking Website Performance
3. Great tool to measure SEO effort
Google Analytics1. Analytics solution for your affiliate website that is simple to use.
2. Real-time monitoring and traffic analysis.
3. Detailed study of behavior.
Buffer1. A social media management solution that is simple to use.
2. Managing numerous accounts is simple.
3. Plan, publish, and evaluate posts.
Grammarly1. Free program to help you write better
2. Evaluate your content’s clarity, interest level, quality, and other aspects
3. Use a plagiarism detector to help you create unique material
Flippa1. Can purchase and sell companies of any price.
2. Simple to use
Voluum1. Easy and Effective
2. Great functionality
3. Tracking tools with great features
HubSpot1. Establish a central database for contacts.
2. Monitor email performance.
LeadDyno1. Real-time tracking and quick results.
2. A dashboard that is exquisitely organized.
3. Decent, affordable pricing is offered everywhere.
AdPlexity1. Find out about campaigns that are being executed in real-time on mobile ad exchanges.
2. Discover advertisements for affiliate products.
3. Find information using keywords.
Afftrack1. Ideal for small to medium-sized businesses.
2. The affordable and competitive pricing range.
3. Provides fully packed performance.
Everflow1. Find out about campaigns being executed in real-time on mobile ad exchanges.
2. Discover advertisements for affiliate products.
3. Find information using keywords.

1. Ashrefs

Ahrefs is one of the best affiliate marketing tools for SEO, providing free and premium options. SEMRush and Ahrefs perform many of the same tasks. On-page SEO is less important to Ahrefs than backlinks, though.


You may use the tool to research keywords, assess your website for SEO and content issues, explore content, keep tabs on your competition, evaluate backlinks, and more. It is a full-featured SEO suite that enables you to uncover backlink opportunities and assists you in producing content that is most likely to appear highly in SERPs.

The most straightforward technique to uncover high-value affiliate terms quickly is through a content gap analysis. You will be able to see the top keywords used by your rivals.

 2. AnyTrack

For marketers that want one location to look after all of their campaign-related data, AnyTrack is the ideal conversion and audience information management tool. The data conversion across several advertising stacks can be synced with this free affiliate marketing software.

AnyTrack gives you the ability to track and send conversion events to particular marketing tools without the need for technical expertise, allowing you to base all of your marketing insights on facts.

 3. SEMRush

For keyword research, resolving SEO errors, and competitive analysis, we always turn to SEMRush. SEMrush is one of the best tools for keyword research.


This tool is essential for marketers looking at on-page SEO concerns and examining what content delivers the most ROI for rivals.

With traditional affiliate marketing, organic traffic is quite important, and SEMrush can undoubtedly assist you in identifying potential areas for expansion. It also offers those if you require PPC traffic insights to increase the number of people who read your pages with affiliate links.

 4. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the program you should pay attention to if you run an affiliate blog or website. It aids in audience research and traffic tracking for organic traffic.

You can learn about website traffic statistics and visitor behavior using Google Analytics. Users may track on-site activity and see who clicks on their affiliate links with the help of the Google Event tracking feature. You may monitor how long a visitor spends on your affiliate marketing website from the Google Dashboard and see which pages draw the most or least traffic.

 5. Buffer

Planning, creating, scheduling, publishing, and analyzing social media posts is simple with Buffer.

Using the Chrome extension, you may plan social network posts using the Buffer app, add any article or image to the list, or utilize Pablo, the company’s free design tool, to produce visually excellent social media posts.

You can also try Buffer’s queueing tool; users can schedule material for Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

 6. Grammarly

Grammarly is an indispensable writing tool for editing and enhancing material. It will help you write correctly by correcting errors whether you’re creating a blog post, social media post, email, or ad text.

It is a feature-rich writing tool designed to make whatever you write clearer. The plagiarism detection tool is excellent since it enables you to verify the originality of content. The primary content inspection in the free version includes checking for spelling, grammatical, and punctuation issues. It highlights grammatical errors, unclear phrase structures, tone, length, and wordiness.

 7. Flippa

Anyone wishing to skip the steps involved in creating an affiliate website from the start must use Flippa. Users may purchase and sell websites using a bidding system on this website. To kick-start their SEO growth, Flippa assists affiliate marketers in buying sites with a solid backlink profile.

 8. Voluum

An ad tracking system made exclusively for affiliate marketers is called Voluum. Voluum allows you to monitor all of your advertising campaigns, gather insights from data, and enhance the effectiveness of your advertising.

With tracking capabilities, Voluum’s trend analysis tool offers market trend data to assist you in developing an effective digital marketing campaign strategy. Affiliate marketers may stop suspicious traffic with their anti-fraud solution, which quickly detects and filters bots.

9. Hubspot

HubSpot provides a marketing automation solution that makes it simple for users to draft and organize fresh emails. Users can automate the procedure by establishing unique workflows, whether sending a thank-you email, announcing a new product, or reminding customers about future promotions.

With the help of the tool, you can customize the survey’s format and keep track of responses over time to enhance client satisfaction. With Hubspot, you can select the best survey tool for increased visibility and engagement. It provides features like Net Promoter Score, Customer Effort Score, and Customer Satisfaction to help you have a better survey experience.

10. LeadDyno

You can manage your marketing activities from a practical dashboard with LeadDyno, a professional affiliate marketing platform for managing leads. With only one click, it integrates with numerous e-commerce, marketing, payment, and CRM platforms.

Personalize your dashboard, provide content for your affiliates to utilize, and even use the software to pay them. It is the finest for organizing all of your ambassadors in one location. To test out the program to determine whether it works for your campaigns, the company presently provides a 30-day free trial.

11. AdPlexity

One of the best affiliate marketing tools for ad intelligence is AdPlexity. The tool enables you to monitor the profitable ads that your rivals are running across a variety of ad formats.

The mobile product from AdPlexity keeps tabs on the most successful ad campaigns run by your rivals on mobile traffic sources. By studying effective advertisements, you may improve your marketing decisions.

12. Afftrack

Any size of business can benefit from using Afftrack as an affiliate marketing tool. One of the most adaptable free affiliate marketing tools available today is how it is intended to work. It also provides the best value for your money.

This provides an ideal alternative for company owners needing more resources to invest money in their affiliate marketing initiatives.

13. Everflow

Everflow allows businesses and brands to expand more quickly and be successful with affiliate marketing. Brands may use this incredible tool’s tremendous capabilities to plan, analyze, and enhance ongoing and upcoming initiatives.

With Everflow, users may anticipate several capabilities, including robust fraud prevention, tracking, in-depth analysis, automatic campaigns, and post-conversion services.

Final Thought

Here we have our 13 best affiliate marketing tools. There are many more affiliate marketing tools out there. But you can practice affiliate marketing for free with most of the tools mentioned here. It will require much more effort. The future of affiliate marketing will only see increased competition. Using expert affiliate marketing solutions will significantly boost the scope and pace of your achievement. This article will help you in your journey with affiliate marketing.

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