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Last Updated on February 11, 2023

The best way to collect data and lead is to provide online forms to the netizens. You will need good form builder software for that, and I will suggest you FormCan. FormCan is one of the best tools for online surveys and research work.

You already know that the IT market is packed with form-building applications and services. Then how would you know which one is a better form builder than the rest and which one suits you best?

The solution is easy since you need to look for only three criteria. Firstly, look at the user experience and determine which provides the most user comfort. Secondly, check out the feature list and compare different software based on the quality and quantity of the features. Lastly, look at the prices and offers and evaluate the value offered against the cost.

FormCan easily fills out these criteria since it is super intuitive, the interface is full of amazing form-building features, and the FormCan AppSumo lifetime deal ensures its affordability.

In this FormCan lifetime deal, we will go through what is FormCan. its features, pricing and lifetime deal terms and more.

You can also know, One Transcriber lifetime deal pricing, lifetime deal term, and many more. Please read until the end to better understand about FormCan lifetime deal.

FormCan AppSumo Lifetime Deal is now available on AppSumo. Please check it out!

What is FormCan?

FormCan is a code-free form builder software that provides high-quality online forms for surveys, market research, quizzes, lead generation, etc. FormCan helps you design forms that have a high conversion rate, and you hardly need any kind of advanced IT skill.

A lot of code-free form builder tools are jamming the market but finding a good one is a quest in itself. Because most form builder platform that requires zero coding provides very cheap-looking outputs.

FormCan is different because it is designed to accommodate high-end features that make the outputs top-notch. The forms generated with FormCan are good-looking, easily understandable, and have high conversion rates.

Key Features of FormCan

The key features of FormCan are why FormCan does such a great job at generating high-quality forms. There are tons of useful features in FormCan, but readymade templates, drag-and-drop form editor, form sharing option, conditional logic, etc., hold the key to FormCan’s top-notch performance.


Let’s jump right into the key features of FormCan-

  • Readymade templates: Templates based on the desired form type.
  • Form Building Editor: Drag-and-Drop technique to add an element or field to the form.
  • Conditional Logic:  Uses the “If Than” formula to keep the upcoming questions relevant.
  • Form Sharing Options: Get a shareable link or embed the form to the desired platform.
  • Form Data Analytics: Conduct research, analyze, and understand the information more comprehensively.
  • Multiple Language Setup: Generate high-quality forms without worrying about your or the user’s English skills.
  • White Label: Stop worrying about the FormCan watermark and promote your brand.
  • Other Features: API integration, CNAME, etc.

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FormCan Benefits

What makes FormCan so popular among online business owners and website form designers? I think it is a convenience FormCan brings about in your form designing experience and amazing results.

FormCan Lifetime Deal

Let’s look into more details and find out all the benefits of FormCan form builder-

  • Smart and intuitive interface
  • Use templates to decrease the work
  • Easy Drag and Drop Form Editor
  • Questionnaire Relevancy
  • Work with Several Languages
  • High Conversion Rate

Smart and intuitive interface

FormCan’s advanced and user-friendly interface will make form creation a smooth and soothing experience. You do not need to write complex coding compositions to build forms with FormCan. You will understand FormCan’s working techniques right away if you have a bit of computer and browsing knowledge.

FormCan Review

Use templates to decrease the work

FormCan has a vast template library packed with ready-to-use templates of various designs, themes, and types. FormCan provides templates based on whatever kind of form you need to build. These templates will provide you with an overall structure of the form, thus decreasing almost half of the workload.

Easy Drag and Drop Form Editor

Add any field to the form by dragging the desired field type from the field section and dropping it into your form. The technique of adding fields by dragging and dropping saves you from a lot of hassle and makes form editing faster.

FormCan AppSumo

Questionnaire Relevancy

Do you remember that FormCan has the Conditional Logic feature? This feature uses formulas to conduct the questing process. This way, FormCan keeps the flow of questions relevant to the users’ basic information. The upcoming questions type will be decided based on the data received through the previous questions. So, a doctor will not get engineering questions, and an engineer will not have to answer cooking questions.

Work with Several Languages

Your form has a high chance of being a flop if the users do not understand what is written on the form. Moreover, language can be a big problem if the form designer does not know the language of the software. FormCan supports several foreign languages alongside English. So, creating forms and responding to them is possible in your native language.

High Conversion Rate

It is a fact that forms created using FormCan have a higher conversion rate than many other cheap form builders. After all, why wouldn’t people respond if your forms are easy to understand, good-looking, relevant, and fun to answer?

You see, all the above points are FormCan’s key benefits. Undoubtedly, FormCan has many more hidden benefits that you will find out when you start using this form creation platform.

FormCan AppSumo Lifetime Deal Terms and Plans

Deal Terms:

  • Lifetime access to FormCan
  • 60-day hassle-free money-back guarantee
  • Upgrade or downgrade capability between all license tiers
  • You must activate your license within 60 days of purchase
  • All future starter plan updates
PlanLicence Tier 1Licence Tier 2
Email Invitation1,000/mo20,000/mo
Storage100 GB500 GB
Team MembersUnlimitedUnlimited
Team Collaboration
Unlimited API Request
Remove FormCan Branding
Price$49 (One time purchase)$99 (One time purchase)

FormCan now offers to buy their tools with a lifetime deal through AppSumo.If you buy any one licensee tier, you will get lifetime access to it. And you need not pay for it.

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FAQS about FormCan Lifetime Deal

Is there a public roadmap of FormCan and where is it?

The FormCan developers have not yet published a FormCan roadmap for the public but they have promised to post a public roadmap soon (as of October 2022).

Will there be more automated and analytical features in FormCan in the future?

Yes, FormCan will have Automated charts and data analysis features according to its developer’s roadmap. Adding these features may take some time since FormCan is still going through regular developments and updates.

Does FormCan provide its users with the option to create multiple pages forms?

Absolutely yes, FormCan can never call itself a good form builder if it did not have a multiple-page form creation feature.

Will the end users be able to access FormCan forms through their mobile phones?

Yes, they can use their mobile devices to access and fill out the forms made with FormCan since this tool is mobile-friendly.

How large a file does FormCan allow to upload?

FormCan will allow you to upload files that are no larger than 1GB in size.

How to fix the issue of the disabled custom domain feature in FormCan?

Sometimes the custom domain feature can be disabled in your FormCan subscription and it is not a big deal. You can simply change the custom domain settings in your FormCan account and turn it to enabled from disabled.

Final Verdict & Our Opinion

There might be many more great form builders in the future, but I do not see anything better than FormCan right now. I have said it before and would not mind saying again that FormCan is one of the best tools for creating and designing online forms.

FormCan has a FormCan lifetime deal by AppSumo, thus making it an affordable choice at the highest value. Losing an opportunity like that will be dumb if you ask for my opinion. Even now, you should be checking out the FormCan AppSumo lifetime deal instead of reading this conclusion to my FormCan review.

I hope you have enjoyed reading about the FormCan AppSumo Lifetime Deal. If you want to create, manage, and share online forms, I strongly suggest using FormCan.

If you need it for your business, you should buy it immediately. Because it usually stays live for 1 to 2 weeks, and with the Appsumo deal, you get it at a lower price for a lifetime.

I believe you will grab this opportunity without any delay! Please share this post with your friends and colleagues if you found this post helpful.

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