REHub Theme Review: Ultimate Solution for Affiliate Marketing


Last Updated on June 6, 2022

Nowadays, affiliate marketing has become very popular. There are many good reasons for this. Affiliate marketing is a great way to generate passive income. Creating an affiliate marketing website in WordPress requires a good theme. In today’s post, we will go through the REHub theme review and discuss the good and bad aspects of the theme feature.

Do you want to start a price comparison site similar to PriceGrabber or a deal/coupon site similar to Groupon? You may now take your affiliate smart functions to a whole new level. REHub offers a smarter approach for affiliate websites that make your site really valuable for visitors and search engines. 

REHub is one of the best themes in WordPress for creating an affiliate blogging website. The REhub theme has all the features that a website needs to have for affiliate blogging.

Since its publishing, the theme’s popularity has increased with the increase in sales. Another reason behind the rise in popularity is the unique design.

REHub Theme Review: Explained Why You Should Buy

If you are looking for a theme that will help you with your affiliate marketing efforts, then you should definitely check out REHub. This theme is perfect for anyone who wants to create an affiliate website or blog and it has everything that you need to get started. Even if you are thinking to make a product-based website then REHub could be a great choice.

First of all, REHub comes with an easy-to-use backend that makes creating your affiliate website or blogs a breeze.

Secondly, the theme includes all of the necessary tools and templates to get started right away.

Finally, the theme is mobile-friendly and fully responsive, so it will look great on any device. Overall, if you are looking for a high-quality affiliate theme that will help you get started quickly, then you should definitely check out REHub. This is a kind of all-in-one solution for your affiliate portal.

REHub theme REHub

In this post, I’ll go through all of this theme’s good and bad aspects. As a result, deciding whether or not to purchase this theme will be much easier.

REHub WordPress Theme Features

Out of hundreds of components, we will strive to inform you about the essential features. Product listings, reviews, price comparisons, pricing tables, and many other features are listed below.

  • 30+ product and post layouts
  • Product comparisons
  • Affiliate niche blog
  • Product listing
  • User reviews
  • Multi-vendor shop
  • Deal sites
  • Gutenberg block supported
  • Compatible with Elementor & WP Bakery page builder and more
  • Advertise friendly
  • 14+ Exclusive & premium plugins
  • Review snippets
  • Product schema
  • Quick view
  • Animations
  • Comparison chart builder
  • Listing builder directory
  • AMP support
  • Multi-Vendor user profiles
  • WPML ready

REHub theme covers all advanced affiliate functions, which you will not find in other themes. And REHub is constantly adding new features and functions.

Unique Product and Post Layouts

REHub theme post layout
Unique Product and Post Layouts

This theme has over 30 products and post layouts there. You can use these layouts to give your website a unique look. And its amount is increasing day by day.

Product Comparisons

Each product has unique features, with REHub theme options to differentiate its features, which is an excellent feature for an affiliate blogging website.

Product Listing

Many people want to make a product listing website. With the help of this theme, you can create any kind of product listing website.

User Reviews

User review

No need to tell how important customer reviews are. Customer reviews are very important whether you have a multi-vendor site or an affiliate site. This theme has user review options. Your reader or customer will be able to review any post or product.

Gutenberg Supported

The Gutenberg block has become very popular because of the many beautiful unique blocks. You can use the Gutenberg block to present your website posts in a more engaging way.

Advertise Friendly

The theme has the option to add Google AdSense or custom ads. So with this theme, you can place ads using your custom ad or code.

14+ Exclusive & Premium Plugins

The theme includes more than 14 premium plugins, such as WP Bakery Page Builder, Revolution slider, Advanced Product Filter plugin, Greenshift Animation addon, Layered Popup plugin, etc.

Compatible with Elementor & WP Bakery

You can edit your website with Elementor or WPBakery. Most of the elements are made with Elemontor, so you can easily edit or change them with the help of this page builder.

Quick View

The Quick View option is primarily for e-commerce sites. This feature is used to better view the image of a product. With the help of this feature, if you hover the mouse over a product image, it will be zoomed in a few times bigger and displayed on the customer’s screen.


You can use Advanced Level Animation from Basic Animation. This theme includes Greenshift Animation Plugin.

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REHub Theme Pros and Cons

The positive aspects of this theme outnumber the negative aspects because the theme contains practically all of the functionality that an affiliate site needs. I’ll try to highlight the positive and negative aspects below.

  • User review option
  • Affiliate functions
  • Highly customizable theme
  • Deal option
  • Printable coupon
  • A little bit complex
  • website loading speed should be faster

REHub theme was created with affiliate marketers in mind. Price Comparison, Product Review, Multi-Vendor, and more demo websites are now available for the theme.

If you want to build a unique affiliate niche site WordPress website? Then REHub is the market leader. You can build a website that you want to look at with a unique design.

FAQs About Rehub

Which is the best WordPress theme for affiliate marketing?

The most feature-rich theme of all the WordPress themes for affiliate marketing is REHub. And REHub is Amazon’s recommended WordPress theme. So this is definitely one of the best themes for affiliate marketing.

How many demos are in the REHub theme?

REHub theme currently has 16+ demo websites, including Price Comparison, Product Review, Multi-Vendor, and others. And the number of pre-built websites is increasing day by day.

What is the price of the ReHub theme?

The theme is currently priced at 59, which is available at Theme Forest Marketplace. However, six months of support is included with this theme. If you want to get 12 months of support, you have to pay extra for it.

Is the REHub theme a slow-loading theme?

REhub theme is not very slow but loads relatively late due to the high functionality of the theme. However, if you use good-quality hosting, you will not face any such issues.

REHub theme is both elegant and customizable. You have complete control over the theme’s appearance. The front-end and back-end editors are both simple to use. The theme comes with essential documentation.

Final Talk

REHub is one of the most amazing affiliates marketing WordPress themes. It is easy to use and has a responsive design. REHub WordPress theme will give you a new experience in WordPress theme. So you can consider this theme for your affiliate blogging.

If you want to establish your career in affiliate blogging. You can buy this theme without any worries

I hope this post has helped you know more about the REHub WordPress affiliate theme. Let us know your thoughtful comments in the comment box, and please share this post on social media. And if you like this REHub Theme Review post then please don’t forget to share it with your friends and colleagues.

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