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Last Updated on June 8, 2022

Are you looking for the cheapest and best company for domain hosting? Then, you are at the right place. In this review about Namecheap, you will get an overall hosting and domain review that will help you in making the decision for your next buying.

Whenever people need to buy a hosting service, they are considering price, speed, ease of use and lots of aspects so that they can get the cheapest hosting service. That’s why we are giving you a detailed review of the best company for domain hosting among all other companies out there.

Namecheap offers the cheapest web hosting services which also provide your domain name registration options and the best web hosting services at the cheapest rate ever! To know the main features of Namecheap, products and pricing details and frequently asked questions, read the whole review. Though we all know and trust Namecheap, let’s start with a brief overview.

A Brief Overview of Namecheap Web Hosting

Namecheap was founded in 2000 and started by offering exciting value-priced domains and excellent customer service. As a result, they get over 5 million satisfied customers delivering more than 11 million best domain names. Namecheap is getting popular as it provides the cheapest domain name service and lots of features like providing SSL Certificates, the highest level of privacy and security, etc.

The Features Of Namecheap Hosting

  • Privacy Security
  • Best Customer service
  • Provides Free SSL Certificates
  • VPS Service
  • Email Hosting
  • Dedicated servers
  • WordPress hosting
  • Using Easy Wallet

Privacy and Security

Why choose Namecheap for Security
You should choose Namecheap for better security of your data

Namecheap always supports your rights as an individual and consumer. Users of this service are highly satisfied with their website security and data privacy because Namecheap handles it tactfully. So, you can easily trust Namecheap for hosting your site.

Best Customer Service

If you face any problem regarding hosting, don’t worry you’re connected by a Support Team that is renowned for being one of the most knowledgeable, friendly, and professional in the business. They are ready to help you with any issue, any time, 24/7.

Namecheap Hosting Benefits
Some of the Benefits of Namecheap Hosting

Provides SSL Certificates

Do you know how an SSL Certificate benefits you? It secures your online communications. When an anonymous web browser connects to your secured website, the SSL certificate offered by Namecheap enables an encrypted connection to save your website. It’s securing your website like you seal a letter in an envelope before sending it to the destination.

Using Easy Wallet

Namecheap gives you to enjoy top-notch service at the cheapest price than other Webhosting companies. With NameCheap hosting, you will get all the hosting bells and whistles by using an easy wallet, without breaking the bank.

Payment Methods Accepted for Domain Registrations

You can pay by using other methods. Namecheap accepts direct Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express payments as well as PayPal, using which you can pay with most credit cards. It also accepts cryptocurrency payments. If you want to pay with cryptocurrency, you should first deposit the money to your Namecheap account funds, and then you will be able to use these funds for domain registration.

Namecheap Domain Registration

To register your domain name, you have to define a name that is quite easy to pronounce. First, think of the name you want to register. It can be your website’s name. It is best to keep your domain name easy to understand and make sure it sounds great.

The next task is to see if it is available. If the name you desire is taken with the .com top-level domain, there are hundreds of others available. Finally, add the top choices to your cart and complete the domain registration.

Domain Register
The Reason Why You Should Register

Namecheap Hosting Pros and Cons

  • No hidden fees
  • Free Domain and hosting
  • Provides SSL Certificate
  • Secured service
  • Excellent chat support
  • Great domain control
  • Structured Management
  • Customer support should improve
  • Scope of developing hosting service location

Namecheap VS Bluehost VS GoDaddy

Namecheap Vs Bluehost Vs GoDaddy
Namecheap Vs Bluehost Vs GoDaddy

As you can see, Namecheap is best for domains and hosting websites and blogging sites. The comparison table shows that Namecheap is the best Shared hosting service here.

Though GoDaddy has a structured domain service, you’re better off with Namecheap for its excellent pricing plans, fast speed, and range of features available. In this picture, you can see the offers and how flexible they are! Then you can compare the 3 best web hosting services.

Starting at
Check Prices
Enjoy free domain privacy protection, forever
No hidden fees
Free Domain and hosting
Customer support should improve
Starting at
Check Prices
Easy with free SSL, malware detection
Easy domain management
Speed is not so fast
Starting at
$ 5.99/mo*
Check Prices
Intuitive web design, easy to use
Structured Domain hosting
Expensive renewal price

Namecheap Shared Hosting Pricing Plans

If you want to buy Namecheap with the offer price then you should always look forward to their website so that you can get Namecheap’s discounted hosting prices. Here as you can see, the pricing range started from $1.88 to $4.98 for the shared hosting.

Namecheap Shared Hosting Pricing
Namecheap Shared Hosting Pricing

This is simply the visualization of the Namecheap Shared Hosting Pricing table. You will wonder to get the other pricing plans. Check out the pricing plans from their website or you can see our findings on why Namecheap is the best company for domain hosting.

Findings on Namecheap: The Best Company for Domain Hosting

I think you will agree with me after reading all the details about the Namecheap hosting review that NameCheap is the best company for domain hosting. It offers comparatively the cheapest deal for web hosting.

You can easily register a domain name for your business within your budget at the most affordable price at Namecheap. Here are some other features that justify that Namecheap is the best Company for domain hosting:

Best Company for Domain Hosting
Best Company for Domain Hosting
  • Most affordable prices started from $1.58
  • Free SSL Certificate and domains
  • User-Friendly cPanel interface
  • Reliable customer support

Above you can see, the features that make Namecheap easy to use and the best domain hosting services. Companies of the United States and the united kingdom are major clients of Namecheap while all other developing countries like Bangladesh, Pakistan, and India are also its satisfied clients. Even if you are interested to try the free services, Namecheap offers outstanding features in its free trial.

Features You will Get with Free Trial

Features of Free Trial Offered by Namecheap
Features of Free Trial Offered by Namecheap

FAQs about Namecheap

Is Namecheap user-friendly?

Yes. You will find all kinds of information you need to host on their website and their support team also help you in this regard.

Is Namecheap safe for the newbie?

Of course, it is safe for beginners. It shows you how to refrain from all the possible risky tasks. With over three million hosting customers under its trusted shelter, Namecheap is doing all kinds of actions to make its service safe and sound.

So, you can rely on Namecheap over the years, they have worked out a lot of functions to make Webhosting safe for users.

Why I use Namecheap Hosting?

There are many reasons behind using Namecheap. First of all, it is one of the cheapest hosting service providers in the world. The second thing is their quality, speed and customer support. And there are some other reasons too, such as…

  • You don’t need to pay for hosting migration
  • you will get the benefit of using easy transaction facilities on your wallet
  • The support team will reply to your problem 24/7

What Namecheap web hosting plans are suitable for my WordPress website?

If you’re a beginner and you’re looking for the simplest way to host, Namecheap offering EasyWP will be easy and takes care of all the technical aspects, or Shared Hosting, which is one of the cheapest hosting plans and also features the free Website Builder tool.

How could you buy a Domain from Namecheap?

It is a simple process. Just register for the domain name and create your online identity. Use the advanced domain name generator of Namecheap to get your ideal choice right away. Or do you already have a domain registered somewhere else? No problem at all! Domain transfers are free and easy at Namecheap.

Closing Thoughts

The last thing you should know is that Namecheap has a 30-day money-back guarantee. Just keep in mind that you’ll be refunded only for the hosting services and the most interesting fact is additional features like a domain or any service renewals extras will not be compensated.

So, you will surely get benefited even if you just try Namecheap once in a lifetime. This Namecheap hosting review will help you to take decisions wisely and roam around for the best deals. I hope you enjoyed this post about Namecheap Hosting Review, the Best Company for Domain Hosting. If you do then please share it with your business partners and colleagues.

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