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Last Updated on December 15, 2022

Hello, today I am in the mood of playing the comparison game. So, let’s do a PitchGround Vs AppSumo head-to-head comparison!

Why PitchGround Vs AppSumo, you ask? Because I feel like comparing one product to another is so cliche and I have done that already. Why not compare two platforms where all those products reside? Yes, I will now show you a comparison between two popular SaaS marketplaces. PitchGround and AppSumo feel like the perfect match for this article.

Some of you heard of PitchGround, some are familiar with AppSumo, and some may have no idea what I am talking about. So, first I will give you a brief on both of these platforms for better understanding, and then I will proceed to show you which one is a better platform. So, stay focused and read on through my AppSumo Vs PitchGround comparison.

What is PitchGround?

PitchGround is a very interesting marketing platform that creates a strong bridge between various software or digital tool providers and online entrepreneurs. Digital entrepreneurs or online business owners can visit this platform to find the required tools to make their business-related tasks easier. Besides tools, PitchGround also offers various online courses for entrepreneurs to make them become experts in business management, marketing, and other related sectors.


PitchGround entered the race for the best marketing platform in 2018 and it is making the best effort to provide convenience to its users. This SaaS platform’s target is to bring online entrepreneurs, marketers, and founders into one place and create a safe environment for crowdfunding. PitchGround provides various deals and discount offers to achieve that goal.

What is AppSumo?

AppSumo is very similar to PitchGround but it still needs a proper introduction for better understanding. AppSumo is a revolutionary SaaS marketing platform that provides online entrepreneurs with tools, courses, and many other facilities to boost their businesses.


AppSumo’s main attraction is its lifetime deal segment. Various software and course developers partner up with AppSumo and launch lifetime deals. These AppSumo deals stay in the game for a limited amount of time. This much time is enough to give that software enough limelight and make it popular.

PitchGround vs AppSumo Key Features

The first step to conduct a comparison activity is to discuss the features of the objects of comparison. In this case, we have PitchGround and AppSumo.

PitchGround Features

Let’s start with the key features of PitchGround. Take a look at the following PitchGround features.

☛ Deals

The exclusive deals are the reasons why we visit PitchGround. PitchGround seemingly saves 95% of your expenses through extremely cheaply priced deals.

Pitchground deals

PitchGround has three types of deals; lifetime, annual, and freebie deals. The lifetime deals are the most popular ones among the three deal type of PitchGround.

☛ Special Membership Program

PitchGround VIP Plan is an exclusive membership program that gives you countless facilities. No matter how cheap or expensive a deal is, you can purchase them by spending 10% money.

Pitchground VIP

The PitchGround VIP program is undergoing development and soon you will find a lot of new features.

What I like about browsing through PitchGround is how precise the search option is in finding products. You can filter out search results based on various categories, types, etc.

You can choose a product category, and deal type, and sort your search results based on price or launching time.

☛ Community

PitchGround has millions of users and they have a community of their own. The PitchGround users community is for people to connect, interact, and help each other.

You can ask questions, find reviews, or even get technical help from PitchGround users in this community. 

AppSumo Features

AppSumo’s key features are very similar to PitchGround. To be fair, AppSumo is among the first ones to introduce these types of features in this type of platform.

☛ Deals

AppSumo is famous for launching extremely low-priced deals. You can purchase your requires tools at a price almost equivalent to your child’s pocket money.

AppSumo Deals

The lifetime deal feature of AppSumo is the main protagonist of the show and it is what brought AppSumo into the limelight. 

☛ Exclusive Membership Program

Are you not satisfied with the price range of the AppSumo deals? Then become a member of the renowned membership plan of AppSumo, the AppSumo Plus program.

AppSumo Plus

You will enjoy the treatment of royalty and get a 10% extra discount on all of your AppSumo purchases if you become an AppSumo Plus member.

Searching for your preferred software, tool, or course is so comfortable that you will not even break a sweat. AppSumo ensures top-tier speed, comfort, and convenience in its search feature.

Finding an app suitable to your taste and need takes a few seconds in AppSumo.

☛ Community

AppSumo has one of the largest online user communities. Millions of people enter this community to interact, learn about various things, and clear out the confusion.

The members of this lovely community identify themselves as Sumo-lings.

PitchGround vs AppSumo Pricing

We know that PitchGround and AppSumo have special membership programs. But how much do those exclusive membership plans cost? Let’s look at the price range and exclusive facilities of PitchGround VIP Plan and AppSumo Plus.

PitchGround VIP Plan: $119 Yearly

  • Discount available: 10% discount on any PitchGround purchase
  • Payment style: Annual pay (split pay available)

Appsumo Plus: $99 Yearly

  • Discount available: 10% discount on any AppSumo purchase
  • Payment style: Annual pay (split pay available)
  • Purchase limit: Unlimited
  • Live AppSumo chat is available
  • Access to KingSumo and purchase AppSumo original products

Similarities and Differences

AppSumo and PitchGround both are similar types of platforms and they certainly have a lot of similar features. However, besides the uncanny resemblance, these two platforms have their fair share of differences as well. Let’s see the main similarities and differences between AppSumo and PitchGround.


  • Both are a marketplace for online business-related digital tools.
  • These platforms have communities of their own.
  • AppSumo and PitchGround both specialize in lifetime deals.
  • Both of these SaaS marketing platforms offer special membership facilities which provide more features and discounts.
  • Both of them are US-based online platforms.


  • AppSumo has been in the game since 2010 whereas PitchGround started functioning in 2018 and is relatively new.
  • AppSumo has a live chat option but PitchGround lacks that.
  • AppSumo’s special membership program is AppSumo Plus and PitchGround has PitchGround VIP Plan.
  • AppSumo claims to save up to 90% whereas PitchGround claims to save up to 90% of your money. 

AppSumo vs PitchGround Pros and Cons

I am giving a comparison review of the two leading SaaS marketing platforms. A comparison review will feel bogus if I do not showcase the pros and cons of these platforms. So, I identified the benefits and problems of these platforms and wrote them down below.


  • AppSumo features an SMB acquisition accelerator.
  • AppSumo helps you save around 90% of your money.
  • You can be a member of AppSumo Plus and save 10% on your purchases.
  • Almost all of the lifetime deal features 60 days trial purchase with a money-back guarantee.
  • The free plan has limited facilities compared to the paid plan.


  • You can enjoy around 95% of the money saved on PitchGround lifetime SaaS deals.
  • You can cancel your PitchGround deal purchase within 60 days and get your money back instantly.
  • Very up-to-date because of being a relatively new platform.
  • The PitchGround VIP Plan allows split pay on its yearly pay system.
  • You must sign up to access the free online courses in PitchGround.
  • The PitchGround VIP Plan is a little bit on the costly side.

AppSumo vs PitchGround: Which One Is Better?

AppSumo and PitchGround both are dominating the world of the online marketplace. But to be precise, AppSumo holds the crown when it comes to popularity. AppSumo is slightly more popular than PitchGround. PitchGround is very new compared to AppSumo and it still managed to be in the same league. So, it is evident that PitchGround is a very competitive platform.

I will conduct the AppSumo Vs PitchGround comparison based on the following factors-

PitchGround and AppSumo both are easy to use and navigate.

The homepage of AppSumo is more attractive, informative, and organized but the search option of PitchGround is more effective. The filters are right beside the search bar and you can define your needs precisely before searching for a product.

I feel like the overall look of the PitchGround is minimalist so it feels easier for a beginner to navigate through this platform.

☛ Deals

AppSumo is the king of lifetime deals and there is no doubt about that. But PitchGround has other types of money-saving deals too. Besides PitchGround’s lifetime deals are not easy to ignore.

AppSumo has more products since it is pretty old and experienced. But PitchGround is slowly but surely catching up to AppSumo. Anyway, if you are looking for a platform with the widest range of products, AppSumo is your place.

☛ Membership Program

PitchGround has its VIP Plan and AppSumo has the Plus membership facility. Both of these special membership plans include an extra 10% discount on any purchase.

AppSumo Plus is an already established program and everybody pretty much knows what to expect. But PitchGround VIP Plan is still developing and it promises to bring many more features in the future.

The VIP Plan is a little costlier than the Plus program but PitchGround allows split pay which puts less pressure on your wallet compared to AppSumo.

If you want to go for a well-established membership plan, AppSumo is the right choice. But if you want to invest in a promising membership plan that is developing to perfection and has an easier payment method, you should give PitchGround a chance.

☛ Price Range

I will discuss two types of price ranges. One is the pricing of the membership programs, the other one is the price range of the deals.

AppSumo gets the upper hand when it comes to the pricing of the membership program. The AppSumo Plus costs only $99 whereas PitchGround VIP Plan is $119.

Now let’s talk about the pricing of the deals. This is quite difficult to determine since each deal can vary in pricing. Some deals are cheaper in AppSumo and some are cheaper in PitchGround. So, I suggest you check both of the platforms if both of them have launched the same product.

☛ Customer Support System

PitchGround’s customer support is great especially compared to how new the platform is. But the AppSumo Customer support system is definitely above average considering how experienced the support team is.

I will have to give points to both of the platforms in this case since both platforms have very sincere and helpful support teams.

After considering all the critical factors the question is which one is better? At this point, the answer to this question seems like a personal choice. As a personal choice, I would love to connect to both of the platforms. Now, if I talk about the technicalities, I believe AppSumo is still in an undefeatable position. PitchGround still has some ground to cover to become equal to or better than AppSumo. So, I believe AppSumo is the winner of this comparison.

Final Word

I may have called AppSumo the winner but PitchGround still has a lot of promising qualities. Over the years, PitchGround may become even more competent and popular than AppSumo. But one thing is for sure, PitchGround and AppSumo both are two competent platforms dominating the SaaS market and helping entrepreneurs. After all, the popularity of PitchGround and AppSumo can’t be baseless, right?

So, here I take my leave for the day since this is the end of my AppSumo Vs PitchGround head-to-head comparison. 

I hope you find this information to be very useful and informative. If you found this post helpful, don’t forget to bookmark, like, and share it.

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