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Last Updated on June 11, 2022

Nowadays we like to do almost everything online. Working from home is now normal. But this normal work faces problems when there is a lack of coordination among colleagues. So, you need a project management tool to easily handle your team. Right?

Meeting deadlines, routine work and overall keeping track of tasks can be problematic without a comprehensive remote platform for project management.

With Nifty you can sit back and relax as it collaborates all your project apps, chats, docs, meeting timelines and all other working tools within one platform and makes it easy and accessible for the required people.

Nifty Lifetime Deal: Things You Should Know

Nifty is an outstanding platform that lets you see the Best Lifetime Deal to manage your teams from remote locations in an intuitive dashboard by consolidating your projects.

You can keep track of all (Client emails, chats, apps, and project management tools), making it easy to control your employee’s work as you do in an offline office. If you wanna get all things in one platform then Nifty would be the best and easy solution for you.

You will get Nifty similar to Asana, ClickUp or Jira but users are more satisfied with Nifty considering its features, plan and support for remote communication.

In this picture, you can see a glimpse of Nifty Benefits. Read the exciting features of Nifty.

Nifty Benefits
Nifty Benefits

Nifty Features: Get it with the Best Lifetime Deal

You will get eight different features in Nifty that allow you to make difference in your working system; more efficiently, and systematically. Here is a brief overview of this best lifetime deal.

Nifty Features-Discussions
Nifty Features-Discussions


Nifty allows you to discuss with a group of experts to make effective decisions with project members. It shows you the right path to work in a structured platform by considering all the factors without being physically present.

Additionally, you can have the three following features from Nifty Discussions.

Facilitate Ideas: Project members facilitate other members by enabling real-time collaboration to share ideas, collect feedback, and make effective decisions.

Take Actions: With nifty discussions, you can turn project discussions into quick actions by converting a message into a task, or by creating a doc and auto-inviting all project members.

Stay Connected: Direct messages enable teammates to communicate outside of projects to stay better connected with everyone and everything.

Nifty never forget to give you more for learning how Nifty inspires productivity. Here is more from the discussions:

  • Share Files: You can access and share files from your computer, Dropbox, or Google Drive to bring everything project-related together.
  • Create Threads: Nifty offers threads to organize your discussions which is ideal for answering questions or adding context to messages instantly.
  • Turn Discussions into Actions: Your team will be more helpful by turning the discussions into actions. As a result, the gap between communication and action will be closed.
Nifty-Appsumo Products
Nifty-Appsumo Products

Use Cases

Agile Development: Nifty offers Agile- breaking down complex projects into sub-departments to manage and keep track easily. It helps engineering teams achieve better results faster than before.

Project Management for Digital Agencies: It is easy to use Nifty for meeting deadlines and creating new targets and keeping track of clients for agencies in a single workplace.

Marketing Teams: Various Marketing Teams use Nifty to automate their work.

Product Teams: You can save time by reducing lots of steps in product development cycles using Nifty’s collaborative solution.

Core Features

  • You can Handle Multiple Tasks Simultaneously
  • Discussions with Experts
  • Organized Docs and Files Management
  • Team Chats
  • Effective Portfolios
  • Recurring Tasks
  • Task Dependencies
  • Milestone Dependencies

Advanced Features

  • Time Tracking & Reporting
  • Custom Fields
  • Budget Tracking
  • Workflow Automation
  • File Proofing
  • Cross-Project Overviews
  • Team Workloads
  • Custom Roles & Permissions

Nifty Pricing Plans

Nifty generally offers 14 days free trial with no credit card requirements. it is a huge opportunity, you can check out pricing plans and see that they don’t require per-user fees. As you see below their monthly or so-called regular price really expensive. So we recommend you to grab Nifty Lifetime AppSumo Deal for a one-time price.

Nifty Pricing Plans- The Best Lifetime Deal
Nifty Pricing Plans

As you can see, they have five kinds of pricing categories Free, Starter, Pro, and Business to Unlimited deals. Let’s see which one is best for you.

Free: If you are a Beginner with not more than 5 people on your team, you can check out Nifty’s website and easily navigate and have free services with the following:

Free Package:

  • No Fees Required
  • Storage space 100 MB
  • You will get 2 active projects
  • Unlimited team members

Starter: With the Starter Package, you will enjoy the core features. And the amount you have to pay is better than other plans which will be paid annually with the below features:

Starter Package:

  • All from Free Package
  • Only $39 per month
  • 10 Team Members
  • 100 GB Storage Space
  • 40 Active Projects
  • Unlimited guests and clients.

Pro: But if you are looking for deals for growing with your team Pro category will be the best lifetime deal.

Pro Package:

  • All from Starter Package
  • Only $79 per month
  • Storage Space 500 GB
  • 20 Team Members
  • Unlimited Active Projects
  • Unlimited guests and clients
Nifty Lifetime Deal
Nifty Lifetime Deal: Really Worth It!

Business: It is best for advanced teams, for business purposes. You do not have to pay it every month. Nifty allows you to pay it annually. Besides, you will have 1 TB storage space with unlimited active plans and clients.

Business Package:

  • All from Pro Package
  • Only $124 per month
  • Storage Space 1 TB
  • 50 Team Members
  • Unlimited Active Projects
  • Unlimited Guests and Clients

Marketing Benefits with Nifty

Using Nifty you can track your task assignees, due dates, campaigns, and marketing content with real-time collaboration in one place. You don’t have to guess whoโ€™s doing what and when. You can check instantly and deliver the best results with fewer tools by Nifty.

  • You will get a list of actions offered by Nifty to develop the proofing activities for your team.
  • Nifty will show your progress at each step of your plan.
  • You can schedule your upcoming plan with team members using Calendar View.
Nifty Security
Nifty Security

Account & Security

  • Two-Factor Authentication: to sign up for this Nifty account you have to go through a Two-step authentication process which makes your information secure in a single platform.
  • Google SSO: Single sign-on (SSO) is a session and user authentication service that permits you to use one set of login credentials. It saves your account from hacking.
  • Open API:  It helps you to access, interact, and extract a company’s data and functions safely.

You can easily imagine how safe you will be by simply having a service from Nifty. So, what are you waiting for? Take a quick decision to buy this lifetime deal before it going to be finished. Act right now!

Final Thoughts

To manage your project, and team whatever it is, Nifty is an essential tool for you. It makes everything easy and sounds cool. with its comprehensive all-in-one platform, you will not search here and there anything.

Nifty offers the Best Lifetime Deal ever. So, stop tangling between Roadmaps, Tasks, Docs, Chats, & other tools. Nifty is the best app to gather teams, goals, and actions in one place. So, grab it and make your team the best leading team in the world. share the platform with your colleagues and grow all together.

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