Background Remover Online Tools that Can Help to Remove Image Background for Free (17 Tools)


Last Updated on April 4, 2022

In this digital era removing background from an image is not a hard jab at all. If you are looking for a Background Remover Online or wanted to know how to remove background online without Photoshop expertise then this post will certainly help you!

What is Background Remover?

Nowadays online image background remover is very popular. A background remover is a photo editing app or software that can remove the background of an image. This allows users to edit the image without worrying about the space behind it.

Image background can be used for many purposes, such as removing an unwanted person or object from a photo. In this post, I will show you some free tools that can be used to remove background online without any prior knowledge.

Why people use online background remover?

There are many reasons why people want to remove a photo from the internet. The most common reason is that they are not used to doing that by the photo such as Photoshop or similar programs. Sometimes it is really hard for them to remove the background by Photoshop.

People don’t wanna download expensive and bulky software like Photoshop to edit a simple image.

Besides that, they want to save money and time when it comes to removing the background of an image. That’s why editing images is becoming very very popular.

beautiful girl image background remover

To edit an image we need special skills to delete background by Photoshop. And if you haven’t special skills then it could take even hours. OK, say, you can remove the background by Photoshop but not the pro-level-type. Then, guess what? Just so funny thing that could happen. I show you my skills below. See the edges. Really I laughed at myself several times. ๐Ÿ™‚

Background remover example

The picture you see of a beautiful girl I removed by Photoshop. So funny I did! But see the same photo below which used a background remover. And of course, it was 100% free of cost and took only 2-3 seconds! If you pay a bit then you can have even super HD photos without background.

Background remover tutorial online

As you know, there are many tools on the internet that can help you to remove the background of your photo. But probably you don’t know which one is the best. I will let you know the best free to paid one too.

How image background remover work?

Background remover actually uses machine learning and deep learning technology or Artificial Intelligence. They work in different ways, but they all have one goal in mind — removing the background of photos. We are not going into details of that technology. Normally programmers are used to developing that app using the power of AI and also use Python for that.

This is not our topic today and is beyond the scope of the discussion. But I hope you got the basic idea of how an image background remover works.

How to use a Background Remover?

A background remover is an application that removes the background from a picture or video. Today we will only discuss some photo background removing apps online. Maybe someday we will also discuss online video background removing options for free.

The steps to remove the background are easy and quick. First, you need to upload your picture. Then, you can use the editing tools to erase the background. It is actually pretty straightforward and a matter of a few seconds. Please see the example below.

Some of these applications even allow you to select an object in your photo and then remove the background around it. There are also some that allow you to easily cut out a person from their surroundings without having to spend hours on it.

In our list, there are a few online background remover tools. Let’s have a look one by one.


In our list, we have added as the number one position. Because of its easiness and speed. It is actually very popular and professional. You can remove the background of an image within 2-3 seconds. And the big advantage of is: it’s totally free and for a lifetime even without signing up! Try this here.

Remove Image Background

But if you wanna have more quality and features then you can use their pro services which are $0.20 to $0.90 per picture only. You can have HD photos with their pro plan. But I would say their free plan is also enough for normal use.

2. is also another great tool to remove image background online. Their interface is also as like as Easy-to-use features made a unique product.

Background remover

This AI-powered tool also uses advanced computer vision algorithms to detect the foreground pixels and separate the background completely. They have also a free plan and the pro plan is $0.07 from $0.48 per picture. Try Removal.

3. Pixlr

Another great tool to remove background is Pixlr. This is not an image background remover but also a complete photo editor! The interesting fact about Pixlr is: almost all of its features are free to use.

Online background remover pixlr

Even you don’t need to sign-up or log in to use their background remover or photo editor. Pixlr is a browser-based photo editor and image background remover which allows you to even remove the background of photos limitless with high definition (HD). Try Pixlr.

4. Retoucher

With Retoucher you can also Remove Background for free. With their online remover, you can remove the image background in just one click. Their features are also as like

Retoucher online background remover

If you use then you don’t need to hire a professional photo editor to remove the background of a picture. Without spending a single cent you can remove the background of your images, unlimited! Even they have the option to add customized image backgrounds with different sizes. Try

5. Canva

Who doesn’t know the name of Canvas nowadays? The best photo editor app is Canva. Lots of features made Canva the best app in the market. But do you know they have also a built-in image background remover?

Canva background remover example

Yes, that’s true. Canva has also a background remover. But the sad news is: that’s not free. As you know, always free things are not good. ๐Ÿ˜‰ If you want to do something professionally then you have to have a few bucks. I would recommend you to have a try of Canva’s background remover. If you don’t like it then you always can cancel. Try Canva.

6. Slazzer

Slazzer is also another awesome tool for your purpose of photo editing. You can easily delete the photo’s background with that online-based app. Most importantly Slazzer is also free of cost with lots of unique features.

Slazzer background remover

I have personally used Slazzer many times and found it one of the best online image background removers. They have also a pro plan which costs $0.11 to $0.37 per image. Slazzer supports up to 25 megapixels and 4K images. Try Slazzer.

7. Snappa

Snappa is another great image editor that also allows image background removal. It’s also kind of a competitor or Canva. We have written a detailed comparison of Canva and Snappa. Please check their pros and cons.

Snappa background removal

But anyway if you want a professional background image removal option then you should try one of the pr services we have mentioned here, such as Snappa.

8. Pixcut by Wondershare

If you use video or photo editing kind of stuff then you must know the name of Wondershare. They own one of the best video editors Filmora. Wondershare’s image background remover Pixcut is also a great product.

Pixcut background remover

This automatic AI-based image background eraser is free of cost for small resolution but if you want an HD version of the photo then you have to pay for that. Their price starts at $18.99 per month. With this amount, you can remove 200 images’ backgrounds. Try Pixcut.

9. Hitpaw

As with other AI-powered image background cleaners, Hitpaw is also a popular one. Their interface is easy-to-use and with a drag-and-drop editor. But I feel that it’s a bit slower than other background remover tools.

The good thing is, HitPaw online background remover you can use without any limits. They are not adding any watermark and they have also no ads on their platform so far. This is a really good thing that ads will annoy you at all. Try Hitpaw.

10. is another best image Background Remover Online enables you to remove any kind of background from the images. I loved their interface and very speedy background remover. They have free and pro plans too. As usual, the free plan in maximum cases is enough for you.

But if you wanna do something professionally and want to edit images as bulk then you could try their pro plans. Their price is also very cheap compared to other Background Remover Online services on the internet. They have also a video background remover including lots of other features. Try Cutout.

11. BackgroundCut

BackgroundCut is relatively new but already becoming popular day by day. As with other background removers, they have also almost the same interface. But as far we see they are adding new tools and options on their platform.

BackgroundCut has a free option including flat monthly fees. Their pro plan starts at $12 per month. Try BackgroundCut.

12. InPixio Background Remover

Have you ever tried to use photo editing software to cut out the background of an object? It’s difficult, right? That’s why inPixio exists. Their tools can allow you to remove backgrounds instantly so you don’t have to spend hours doing it yourself!

InPixio Background Remover

With their tool, you can have even HD-quality photos free of cost. They have also different types of filters that can be used while you remove the background of the images. InPixio has a desktop app too for image background remover. Try InPixio.

13. Pixcleaner

PixCleaner is an automated remover for images that removes backgrounds faster than any other software. It empowered the easiest way to edit pictures for your businesses or for your personal use.

Online Background Remover

PixCleaner has plenty of features. With this tool, you can even clean the background of WEBP format’s images. This online-based professional software is mostly used for business purposes such as eCommerce photo or product photo editing. Their pricing starts at $0.03 per photo.

To download your photo you have to sign-up and that is of course free of cost when you download the normal version of the photos (not HD). Try PixCleaner.

14. PixMiller

With PixMiller you can easily upload an image and the background will be removed automatically. After removing the background you can export the image to a PNG format in less than a few seconds.


Thought PixMiller you can use for free but they put a small watermark below the right corner of the image. The also offers an API for removing backgrounds that can process over 100 images per minute. Their platform is really easy to navigate. PixMiller‘s pro plan starts at โ‚ฌ0.04 per image.

15. Benzin Background Remover

If you are planning to remove bg (background) from your photos online in any quantity then you can try Benzin. Their process is fully automatic and takes a few seconds only.

Bulk image background remove

Bulk removes the background from images is a free online tool, which enables you to remove background from your photos in just a few seconds. This tool will automatically detect the edges of the foreground object and cut out the background. There is no info about the price on their platform. Try Benzin.

16. Experte Background Remover

With Experte Background Remover, you can remove the background of an image in just a few seconds, directly on your browser, without any registration. And interestingly it’s 100% free.

Experte image background remover

To keep the important parts of the picture, they use a machine learning model that automatically detects them. Then Experte replaces all non-relevant content with a transparent background. But what we saw is, the edges of the images are not so sharp. Of course, they are giving you a full-sized image of what you have uploaded to remove the background. Try Experte.

17. PhotoRoom Background Remover

Another best free image background remover is PhotoRoom. To add an image on their edit-board, your first step is to drag and drop it from your computer or to click on the plus button to start uploading the photo for edit. Then all the rest do by machine. ๐Ÿ™‚ Their AI understands all sizes and formats (PNG and JPG).

PhotoRoom image background remover

We provide an automatic background removal tool. Our most popular options are white and transparent backgrounds, but you can customize your color scheme to make it really stand out or compliment other aspects of the image. Try PhotoRoom.

Final thoughts on Background Removers

There are many different types of background removers out there, but the most popular ones are AI-powered. These AI removers have a variety of features, including the ability to remove an object from a photo or cut out hair from an image.

Background removers are a great tool for any designer who needs to remove the background of an image. The best thing about these tools is that they are easy to use and can be used on any device including your smartphone.

We hope, you like this post and it helped you a lot. If so, then please share this article with your friends and family. You can also share your thoughts about this post by commenting below.

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