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Last Updated on September 26, 2022

With recent technological advancements, itโ€™s no wonder that people are jumping at the chance to try out new things. But what about trying text-to-speech software to create some of your content? Here we will let you know one of the Best Text to Speech Lifetime Deal ever. Text-to-speech software can be a great way to make more engaging content for your blog or website.

If you want to get an artificial voice for your blog site or YouTube videos, then will be your best choice.

I will provide you with all the important information about text to speech software in this post, including its features, lifetime deal, pricing, term and more.

Best Text to Speech Lifetime Deal

If you’re looking for a way to make your computer speak text automatically, then you’ve come to the right place. Today, we’re reviewing some of the best text-to-speech software on the market and presenting you with a lifetime deal!

Text to Speech has been around for many years, yet it is still a very popular option for content creators. For a limited time, you can get Text to Speech for Life, which gives you unlimited use of the service for an entire lifetime. This deal is available on the Text to Speech website, and it is definitely worth considering if you are interested in this technology. 

What is Text to Speech Technology?

Text to speech, also known as text-to-audio translation software or voice recognition technology, is A special computer program that reads the written word out loud so people with visual disabilities can read it by listening instead of seeing it.

Using this technology, you can able to generate audiobooks by inputting your desired text.

What is is a text-to-speech platform that allows users to convert text into audio files. With can use to create audiobooks, podcasts, play music, or read-aloud stories.

Best Text to Speech Lifetime Deal

Want to use 570+ realistic AI voices in more than 60 languages to instantly produce professional-sounding voiceovers of your text? If yes, Please try and create your text to speech in a matter of seconds.

With you can able to create a professional voiceover using AI voices! Option for choosing from over 600 (male and female) voices available across 57 languages! Features

  • 132 Languages and accents
  • 832 AI voices
  • Text to voice editor
  • Custom pronunciations
  • Customizable audio widgets
  • AI voice podcasts
  • Project collaboration
  • Multiple voice feature
  • Preview mode
  • Voice Inflections
  • Securely Store
  • Mp3 and WAV format support
  • SSML support
  • Commercial use

You can create podcasts from text to spread your brand’s message further. Using RSS feeds, you may publish your audio files to Google Podcasts, iTunes, Spotify, and Soundcloud. best for bloggers, video creators, educators, and marketers looking to transform written content into voiceovers. If you are looking for a Best Text to Speech Lifetime Deal then could be the right choice for you.

132 Languages and Accents: Using machine learning technology, you can choose from a growing collection of 832 real-sounding voices in 132 languages and accents with humanlike intonation. deal has lots of languages that support text to voices

832 AI Voices: You can create a professional voiceover using AI voices! Able to explore and choose from over 832 male and female voices available.

Text to Voice Editor: The online text to the audio editor allows you to generate all the best text-to-speech AI voices from Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and IBM to create the most realistic audio for your needs.

Custom Pronunciations: For brand names, specialized terminology and acronyms, you can create custom pronunciations and store them in your own pronunciations library.

Customizable Audio Widgets: Want to improve user engagement, accessibility, and content reach on your websites? Then you need responsive, SEO-friendly audio widgets. all of your needs covered.

Their audio widgets enable users to download, share, and subscribe to your content.

AI Voice Podcasts: You will get the RSS feed of your audio files, and you will be able to distribute your audio files to all the major podcasting platforms.

Project Collaboration: You can efficiently scale your audio creation operations with the Teams feature by asking your complete team to work together, share files, and produce music together.

Multiple Voice Feature: You can create voiceovers that sound like conversations by using many voices for the same audio file’s words.

Preview Mode: Before converting a text into voice, you can listen to and preview a single sentence or the entire document.

Voice Inflections: You can adjust the rate, pitch, emphasis, and pauses for a better voice tone.

Securely Store: Your audio files synthesized for text-to-speech are safely kept in the cloud. Additionally, you can write drafts and afterward turn the text into audio.

Mp3 and WAV Format Support: You can create MP3 and WAV audio files from text. Also able to create audio files of the highest quality utilizing sample rates ranging from 8kHz to 48kHz.

Commercial Use: You are free to use the created speech files for personal and commercial use with full rights. is best for bloggers, educators, Video creators, and marketers looking to transform written content into voiceovers. appsumo

Not only that if you want to get another great deal to make text to voice in a minute you can have a look this one. Blakify is also another great software that you can have for lifetime with only $59. Official Pricing

Words240,000 600,000 2,400,000 6,000,000 
Commercial RightsNoYesYesYes
Customizable Audio PlayersNoYesYesYes
Podcast HostingNoYesYesYes
Team AccessNoNoYesYes
Automated Audio CreationNoNoYesYes
Pronunciations LibraryNoNoYesYes
White-labelled Audio PlayersNoNoYesYes
Bulk Audio CreationNoNoNoYes
Re-Brand and Re-sellNoNoNoYes
SupportYesYesYesPriority Technical Support

We know you’re interested in this post, but you may also like our previous post, which is about Selldone AppSumo Lifetime Deal. AppSumo Lifetime Deal Terms and Plans

Hereafter, some magic will take place. On Appsumo, you can purchase for a lower price for a lifetime. Let’s talk about the aggrement.

Deal Terms:

  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Lifetime access to
  • You must activate your license within 60 days of purchase
  • All future starter plan updates
PlanLicense Tier 1License Tier 2License Tier 3
Storage100 GB150 GB200 GB
VoicesStandard & PremiumStandard & PremiumStandard & Premium
Multi-Voice FeatureYesYesYes
Commercial UseYesYesYes
Audio AnalyticsYesYesYes
Email Lead generationYesYesYes
Podcasting SolutionYesYesYes
Price$79 (One time purchase)$158 (One time purchase)$257 (One time purchase)


I personally very big fan of Best Text to Speech Lifetime Deal which I am getting from text to speech tool. It offers some great features; if you want to get a human-like voiceover, is worth considering. So if you want to take your business to the next level by creating voiceover content for youtube, podcasts, or businesses, will be a good deal.

Such lifetime deals are only available for a limited time. I highly recommend you grab this opportunity as soon as you can.

I hope you will benefit from this AppSumo Lifetime Deal! Please share this article with your friends and coworkers if you think they might find it beneficial.

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