Blakify AppSumo Lifetime Deal: Best Text to Speech App [$67 Only]


Last Updated on June 19, 2022

Are you sure you want to use artificial voice instead of your voice? No matter, Blakify AppSumo Lifetime Deal is here.

There are many content creators who have never voiced in a video but they are very popular. The marketing world requires a voice in advertising or any type of video. If you want to use artificial voice instead of your voice, then you have come to the right place.

You searched for this tool at the right time while its Lifetime deal was running. So if you don’t want to pay monthly or more money, then the deal is ideal for you.

What is Blakify?

Blakify is a Text to Speech (TTS) software that allows you to breathe life into static content such as ebooks, PDFs, and other training documents. This technology is quite useful when you need to transform long amounts of text into playable audio.

Blakify can handle it all in seconds, whether you need a voiceover for your next video presentation or podcast or want to create an audiobook. You can produce compelling and persuasive audio content using Blakify, and your visitors will keep coming back for more.

Want to use cutting-edge text-to-speech technology to take your company to the next level? Choose from a growing collection of 700+ artificial intelligence-powered voices speaking in 70 different languages and accents!

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The Main Features of Blakify

  • 500+ voices
  • Hundreds of different voices
  • Over 60 languages and accents
  • High-quality audio formats
  • Multiple voices
  • Unlimited storage
  • Background music

With over 700 voices and 65 languages, you can even translate your blog post from English to French, paste it in, and let Blakify handle the rest.

500+ Voices: Why not give your company or brand some personality the next time you need a voice to communicate about it? Blakify tool allows you to create realistic text-to-speech audio in seconds. Download mp3 and WAV files, which will play on any device!

Hundreds of Different Voices: Powered by artificial intelligence, you’ll be able to choose from a growing library of 700+ voices speaking in 70 languages and accents!

Blakify lifetime deal

60+ Languages and Accents: You can have your message delivered in over 60 languages using their TTS service. They have voices for every occasion, from professional and serene to passionate and exciting.

High-Quality Audio Formats: With this simple online tool, you may create your high-quality audio recordings in minutes! Choose from a variety of sample rates before exporting as MP3s or WAVs. You may even turn text into an appealing format for on-the-go listening.

Multiple Voices: Combining multiple voices and views by merging audio files is an excellent approach to do it. You can also make drafts of your writing, which will provide you with more freedom in terms of what you say!

Background Music: You can able to add background music to your desired voice from their massive library.

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Blakify Official Pricing

Full Commerical RightsYesYesYes
Character 1M/month5M/monthUnlimited
Cancel AnytimeYesYesYes
Standard VoicesIncludedIncludedIncluded
Neural VoicesIncludedIncludedIncluded

Blakify AppSumo Lifetime Deal Terms and Plans

Deal Terms:

  • Lifetime access to Blakify
  • You must activate your license within 60 days of purchase
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • GDPR compliant
  • All future starter plan updates
PlanBlakify Text-To-Speech
CharactersUnlimited Characters
Background MusicYes
Full Commercial RightsYes
Multiple VoiceYes
Downloadable MP3 FilesUnlimited
Price$67.00 (One time purchase)


Blakify has a wide range of voices to choose from, all of which are excellent. The software also lets you modify the voice’s speed, which is useful.

If you need a professional type of voice, it may be for a YouTube video, presentation, personal, or any purpose, then Blakify would be the best option for you.

Such lifetime deals are only available for a limited time, I strongly advise you to take advantage of this offer as soon as possible.

I am confident you will take this Blakify AppSumo Lifetime Deal opportunity immediately! Please share this article with friends and colleagues if you find it valuable.

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