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Last Updated on September 26, 2022

If you want to boost your SEO, position your content, and keep track of what your competitors are doing. Then You need a robust, user-friendly, and cost-effective platform. When it comes to Best Keyword Tracking Software then you should think about a tool called DinoRANK.

Do you want to get more visibility on Google, attract more qualified traffic and increase your income? If yes, then you have come to the right place. Meet DinoRANK!

Dinorank is an SEO tool developed by SEOs that aids in improving business and professional positions in Google.

This post will let you know everything you need about DinoRANK, including its features, lifetime deals, costs, terms, and more.

Best Keyword Tracking Software

When you are thinking about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) then you must need to think about keywords. To find a keyword is not so hard but tracking a keyword isn’t an easy job. That’s why you need to have a great tool. We have found the Best Keyword Tracking Software called DinoRANK.

What is DinoRANK?

Dinorank is an SEO tool that helps you improve and optimize your SEO strategy with competitor analysis, keyword tracking, internal linking, and more.

DinoRank allows you to track keyword prominence and internal links to keep an eye on your ranking in search engine results. You’ll even be able to calculate expected site traffic and high-potential keywords for your domain or competitors.

DinoRANK enables you to produce a thorough ball graph of all your internal links so you can see how your pages are interconnected. To improve the effectiveness of your internal linking strategy, use the graph to discover click depth, internal page rank, and status.

Additionally, you can assess the architecture of your website to see whether or not Google will have no trouble indexing your content.

Key Features of DinoRANK

DinoRANK offers a wide range of features, including keyword research, internal linking, competitor analysis and more. See all features at a glance;

  • Position tracking
  • Keyword research
  • SEO audit on page
  • Internal linking
  • DinoRANK internal PR
  • Organic traffic
  • Visibility
  • External linking management

Position Tracking

Position tracking is one of the most powerful features of DinoRANK. It’s better than any you’ve tried before. Using these features, you can control the movement and position of your keywords in Google search results.

DinoRANK’s position tracking allows you to see a comprehensive graph of the movement of your competitors for a particular keyword. It may sound simple, but something that cannot be measured cannot be improved, particularly in SEO.

Dinorank position tracking

Position tracking keeps track of your website’s ranking position, notifies you if there are any changes, and provides you with real-time information on your competitors’ rankings.

In order to save time when analyzing the movements of your keywords, Position Tracking is very concrete and exact. Compared to other options, it is more straightforward to use and equally as complete.

What Position Tracking Offers?

  • Track keywords by cluster and arrange them into folders
  • Graph of behavior and fluctuation of a keyword
  • It displays your website’s actual position in the Google SERPS
  • The option to track specific website URLs
  • Graph showing every competitor for a keyword in the SERPS
  • Geolocated tracking and report download
  • Incredibly accurate and based on their own proxy technology.
  • You won’t get lost because it is simple to use and understand

Keyword Research

Want to find the best keywords and drive traffic to your website with Keyword Research?

With DinoRANK keyword research features, you will get derived keywords, the competition of the keywords, the CPC, their position in the SERPs, the trend graph and more.

The keyword research features help you in finding the ideal keywords to drive targeted traffic to your client’s website or a specialty website, helping you to improve your positioning and boost your sales.

Dinorank keyword research

DinoRANK shows you the Derived keywords, Search volume, CPC, Competition for this keyword, A trend graph, Option to copy the keywords and download the report in CSV to work on it.

When you need to focus more on selling specific keywords, you can analyze the seasonality of those keywords, if any. Furthermore, you can also identify long-tail keywords that, despite having less search traffic, will undoubtedly be easier to rank for.

You can use the keyword research function to find the right keywords, then include them in your content’s titles, subtitles, and headings.

It takes a lot of manual work to conduct effective keyword research because it also requires data interpretation. Because of this, you need an SEO tool that provides you with crystal-clear data that is simple to understand and utilize in order to do professional keyword analysis.

SEO Audit On Page

Do you want to detect errors and improvement opportunities and increase your website’s organic positioning? No worries, DinoRANK provides an SEO audit tool that you can use to find errors in your website.

Suppose you want to work diligently and provide your clients with professional services to enhance their results. In that case, you can’t rely on the information that free SEO tools provide you, and you also shouldn’t waste your time tinkering with tools that are too large and difficult to use.

DinoRANK’s SEO on-page audit will provide you with a list of the issues to fix to boost traffic to your website, blog, or e-commerce while also saving time.

Dinorank seo audit

DinoRANK allows you to download a professional report in PDF after reviewing all the details of the SEO Audit so you can send it to your client along with a list of the issues his website has and the fixes you recommend for each one.

Improve your website’s SEO strategy with an effective SEO Audit, avoid duplicate content and optimize user search intent with DinoRANK.

Internal Linking

DinoRANK’s Internal Linking feature allows you to create the perfect internal linking strategy for Google and your users.

You can use DinoRANK to find out which keywords are enhancing your competitors’ rankings and use them in your own content.

Dinorank internal linking

Determine the semantically similar keywords so you may develop content that draws users from related searches. You’ll also be able to keep an eye on how often your competitors take advantage of semantically related keywords.

Organic traffic

The organic traffic feature helps you find keyword opportunities to get qualified traffic to your blog, e-commerce, or website.

You can attract quality organic traffic by improving your website’s keywords and finding out which keywords you are not using and what your competition is using.

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DinoRANK Official Pricing

Geolocalized TrackingNoYesYes
Real SearchNoYesYes
White Level ReportsNoYesYes
Domain Tracking2550100
Visibility Analysis50100150
Keyword Research2006001200
Competitor Visibility Graph Analysis50150300
PRICE20,66 โ‚ฌ /month34,71 โ‚ฌ /month57,02 โ‚ฌ /month

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DinoRANK AppSumo Lifetime Deal Terms and Plans

Now the best part is coming. Some magic will take place. On Appsumo, you can purchase DinoRAN for a lower price for a lifetime. Let’s talk about the arrangement.

Deal Terms:

  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Lifetime access to DinoRANK
  • You must activate your license within 60 days of purchase
  • All future starter plan updates
PlanLicense Tier 1License Tier 2License Tier 3
 Keywords to Track3006501500
Domain Tracking2045100
Keyword Research150/Monthly350/Monthly700/Monthly
Visibility Analysis35/mo75/mo150/mo
Thin Content Tracking153580
Graphic Analysis of Competition Visibility3575150
Price$69 (One time purchase)$139 (One time purchase)$239 (One time purchase)

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We know that DinoRANK is the most affordable and available SEO suite for any digital professional. SEOs developed it.

With DinoRANK, you will have a clear user interface and access to everything you require as an SEO. Additionally, you’ll be able to see where the keywords are in Google’s rankings for your project.

DinoRANK offers some great SEO features if you want to get your content on the first page of Google. DinoRANK is worth considering. So if you want to take your business to the next level by ranking your content, DinoRANK will be a good deal.

These lifetime offers are only available for a short time. I strongly recommend that you take advantage of this offer as soon as possible.

I hope you will benefit from this DinoRANK AppSumo Lifetime Deal! Please share this article with your friends and coworkers if you think they might find it beneficial.

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