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Last Updated on August 14, 2022

Text-to-speech software is used for a variety of reasons. However, it is seen to be used more for business purposes nowadays.

While text to speech is used for various purposes, it is currently used more for marketing. It is used for multiple reasons, such as creating audiobooks, using it in videos, and so on.

In today’s post, we will try to tell you about some of the best text-to-speech software, using which you can easily generate audio for yourself and download it in various formats.

Since such tools or software is expensive, we will discuss the text-to-speech software that offers an ongoing lifetime deal. So you can get the tool you want for a lifetime at a low price.

Which is the Best Text to Speech Software?

  • Blakify text to speech
  • Get Voice Artist
  • Voicely
  • AiVOOV 
  • Talking.Network

There are several text-to-speech tools on the market. They don’t offer any lifetime deals. Some tools are presently available for a lifetime deal which is listed above. You can buy the best text-to-speech software for a lifetime on AppSumo at a low price.

Blakify Text to Speech

Blakify is one of the best text-to-Speech apps. It is a cloud-based text-to-voice automation technology that provides audiobooks and YouTube narration as text-to-speech solutions

Blakify lifetime deal

With Blakify, you get several unique features that are made to provide you with the finest and make it possible to convert your content into an unrivaled audio format.

Want to use cutting-edge text-to-speech technology to grow your company? Blakify offers more than 700 voices and more than 70 different languages and accents in a growing library.

Blakify Features

  • 60+ languages and accents
  • 700+ voices
  • Hundreds of different voices
  • Multiple voices
  • High-quality audio format
  • Professional audio sound
  • Background music
  • Unlimited storage

Using Blakify, You can able to create your high-quality audio recordings in minutes! You can also add background music to your desired voice from their growing library.

Not only that if you want to know more about Blakify. You should read the Blakify AppSumo Lifetime Deal full review.

Get Voice Artist

Get Voice Artist is another powerful text-to-speech app that creates text to the voiceover in a matter of seconds.

Get Voice Artist is a tool that provides voiceover services for businesses and individuals. The website offers a wide range of services, including voiceover recordings, editing, and mixing.

Get Voice Artist

Whether you need a voice-over for a commercial, an explainer video, or even a personal message, Get Voice Artist has you covered. And with a community of over 300 professional voice artists, you’re sure to find the perfect fit for your project.

Get Voice Artist is best for those who want to get explainer videos, demo videos, presentations, audiobooks, training videos, podcasts, video sales letters, and social media videos.

Get Voice Artist Features

  • Realistic human speech
  • No need to install any software
  • Amazon API connection
  • Standard voice
  • Easy-to-use the app
  • Amazon Polly API

Want to get a voice artist? It is 100% web-based, there is no need for software to install, and it is very easy to use. Get Voice Artist is the best choice for you.


Are you looking to convert text to speech voices or produce excellent, professional voiceovers with a natural sound? No worries, Voicely is here to help you to create professional sound-quality text to speech.


Voicely is an automated software (powered by artificial intelligence) that turns any text into a natural voiceover. You can able to create professional voice-overs instantly without any technical skills.

Voicely perfect for creating video sales letters, marketing videos, educational videos, animated videos, explainer videos, podcasts, and audiobooks.

Voicely Features

  • Speed control (Faster or Slower)
  • Natural voice over
  • Pitch perfect tones
  • Sentence break
  • Multiple accents available
  • Background sound
  • Volume control
  • Multiple languages

A voice-over enables a brand to engage personally with its audience. This connection fosters audience confidence and trust, encouraging more sales and returns. So let’s check out Voicely.


AiVOOV is a text-to-speech app that allows users to convert text into spoken words. The app offers a variety of features, including the ability to convert text into male or female voices, create custom voices, and read aloud texts from email, messages, and other sources.


With AiVOOV, you can use more than 800 authentic voices from 80+ languages to quickly and easily make any text a realistic voice. Users can alter the app’s speech settings to make it sound more realistic.

This tool is perfect for users who want to create and share spoken texts or for those who need transcription services for their work.

AiVOOV supports a wide range of regional languages; thus, it is not just limited to English. You don’t need to hunt for a new tool to convert text into voices in many languages.

Not only that if you want to get another great deal to make content in a minute you can have a look this one. Writecream is also another great software that you can have for lifetime with only $59.

AiVOOV Features

  • 800+ Ai voices
  • Multiple voice feature
  • Expressive emotional styles
  • Multi-provider voices in single file
  • Voice inflections
  • Preview mode
  • Custom pronunciation
  • SSML support
  • – Custom Pause setting
  • Single paragraph audio file
  • Multiple input options
  • High-quality audio
  • Export in MP3 & WAV formats
  • Generate SRT file
  • Merge audio option
  • Background music
  • API Access
  • Audio file widget
  • Share audio file

AiVOOV is a simple web tool that turns user text input into voice. Select a language, enter your text, or upload a file, then click the Play button. That’s it. So why be late? Grab the deal for a lifetime for only $54.


Talking.Network is another excellent tool for text-to-speech. If you are a blogger, video editor, content creator or podcaster, you may need Talking.Network text to speech app.


Talking.Network is an online tool that helps you to create voiceover within a minute. You can create text to voice using their online tool. It has a strong and fantastic online tool that provides you with the greatest text-to-speech service possible.

Their text-to-speech service has over 400 different voices and 65 different languages, and it is constantly expanding. They think it satisfies the majority of your needs.

Talking.Network Features

  • Easy to use for a non-technical person
  • 400+ Ai voices
  • 65+ Languages
  • Mp3 files output
  • Unlimited storage
  • Preview option

Talking.Network supported 65+ languages, including English, Arabic, Chinese (China, HK, Taiwan), Spanish (US, UK, Australia), Dutch, Japanese, German, Indonesian, Italian, Vietnamese and many more.

If you’re looking for a text-to-speech service that’s both easy to use and versatile, then you should check out Play. ht. This platform offers users a variety of features, including the ability to convert text into different voices, add music to your speeches, and create custom scripts. is a text-to-speech service that allows users to convert text into a voice using artificial intelligence. You can use it to read articles, emails, or any other text aloud.

With you can create realistic text-to-speech audio using an online AI voice generator and the best synthetic voices from Google, Amazon, IBM and Microsoft. Also, you can instantly convert text to natural-sounding speech. Features

  • Text to voice editor
  • Custom pronunciations
  • Fully customizable audio widgets
  • AI podcasts
  • Project collaboration & management
  • 57+ Languages
  • 600+ voices (male and female)
  • SSML Support
  • MP3 and WAV support
  • 132 Languages & accents
  • Multi voice
  • Preview mode
  • Voice inflections

You can listen to your text on as many times as you’d like without using up your word credit. best for bloggers, video creators, educators, and marketers looking to transform written content into voiceovers.

There is much such text-to-speech software on the market. But the price will be more than your budget. So we try to find you the best product at the best price. Stay connected with us if you want to get such products at low prices.


The use of Text to Speech tools has a variety of advantages. You can make text to voice in a matter of seconds., You can save time and money, and you can also grow your business.

The most excellent thing about Text to speech is that they can quickly create voiceover content or audiobooks, which is practically hard for a human, time-consuming and expensive.

Usually, such tools are very expensive and have to be billed monthly. So if you are a business owner or marketer then you can use one of them to create your voiceover.

But rather than paying such a large amount monthly, it would be wise to purchase them all at once. Then you will save a lot of money.

These lifetime offers are available for a limited time only. Request to utilize this opportunity as soon as possible. You will take full advantage of this opportunity, and I have no doubt!

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