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Last Updated on December 12, 2022

Hello everyone. I’m seeking help from you. I’ve decided to buy a table lamp for my living room. I’ve found three super cute lamps on an online page by their reference picture. One has over 537 reviews with an average rating of 4.9 stars. The second has 407 reviews and a 3.2-star rating. The third has no reviews. Which should I buy?

It’s so easy and simple. Obviously, you will vote for the table lamp with over 500 satisfied customers. But, do you ever think, why is this? It’s due to a psychological phenomenon called social proof.

In this post, we came to know about what social proof is, how to use it in marketing to make sure people are choosing you over your competitors- like in our table lamp, what the benefits of social proof software are, and last but not the list the 6 best social proof software lifetime deal.

What Is Social Proof?

Well, social proof is a digital marketing technique that is used to ease the minds of potential customers by showing them that rest of the others are using and enjoying your products and services.

This whole thing is based on a psychological phenomenon where people do what others do because they see that their preferred actions are socially accepted and popular among the users.

Difficult, huh? Let me explain you more thoroughly. Suppose you are in a social situation you haven’t been in before and aren’t sure how to act; what will you do? It’s so simple; You try taking clues from the people around them.

In marketing, social proof covers a similar idea – when people shop online, they look for reviews, recommendations, and ways others have used a product before making their decision.

This is why online stores work so hard to get people to review their products – it’s a form of social proof that works wonders for increasing the number of people making purchases.

Benefits Of Social Proof Software

When shopping online, you don’t have the chance to examine the product yourself. As a result, you need suggestions from outside to make your final decision. Reviews, ratings, video testimonials, etc., let you finalize your happy shopping online and now offline also.

  • Helps to make decisions easily
  • Boost your e-commerce business
  • Save money on advertising
  • Increases the purchase probability
  • Customers are looking for testimonials

Helps to Make Decisions Easily: Social-proof software helps to make decisions more easily. Moreover, we all fear making mistakes and rely on social proof to avoid wrong decisions.

As a result, our brain is constantly looking for a ‘shortcut’ to simplify the decision process. Social proof software helps to make decisions more wisely and easily than before.

Boost Your Ecommerce Business: If you are not among the users of social proof software, your social media account, website, and emails might not be as engaging as they could be. That affects more on your e-commerce business more.

Save Money on Advertising: Nowadays, the competition is growing, people have stopped believing in advertising, and traditional marketing doesn’t help to stand out from competitors. That affects the decision-making process and presents businesses with a serious challenge. Luckily, social proof permits businesses to cut through the noise today and save money on advertising.

Increases the Purchase Probability: Research says that nearly 63 percent of consumers are more likely to purchase from a site if it has product ratings and reviews.

Considering that, place positive social proof prominently on your most important sales and landing pages where customers are close to making a purchase.

Customers are Looking for Testimonials:

The best fact is around 80 percent of people trust online testimonials as much as personal recommendations. After reading positive testimonials on review sites, around 54 percent of people will visit a website.

There are a lot of tools available that help you leverage social proof for your business. But, in this section of my article, I’m introducing the 6 best social proof software lifetime deals along with their key features, which will help you choose the right one. Let’s check it out.

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Which is the Best Social Proof Software?

There is so much social proof software available on the market, but I will only mention that software that offers a lifetime deal. So stop the nerd talking and know the best social proof software.

  1. Word Of Mouth BOT
  2. VideoPeel
  3. JustReview
  4. FeedbackLink
  5. Revscog
  6. Saastic

Word Of Mouth BOT

Any business, whether large or small, needs Google reviews nowadays. But sometimes it is a little bit difficult to get customers to take the time to write reviews. Meanwhile, 97% of consumers read reviews to choose which business to trust.

Word Of Mouth BOT

In the present time, when consumers are ready to buy: they GOOGLE IT! Word of Mouth BOT funnels new customers ready to buy from your business effortlessly! So if your competitors have better reviews, your business is at risk; remember it.

Key Features

  • Easy for any business to use
  • Powerful SEO booster
  • Protects your online reputation
  • Automatically follows up with your customers
  • Best for local business owners, marketing firms, SEO
  • companies, reputation management firms, entrepreneurs,
  • and website builders


There is a lot of social proof software available on the web, but VideoPeel is the world’s most powerful solution for video social proof. VideoPeel is the premier remote video-capturing platform for businesses to capture, respond to, analyze, and share videos from their customers.


It is a cloud-based video-capturing platform. It is designed to help e-commerce, education, and healthcare businesses.

Key Features

  • Collect video testimonials and messages from customers and share them across advertising channels.
  • Manage testimonials, transcriptions, closed captions, and legal agreements all from one dashboard.
  • Increase video content and data from your audiences.
  • Automatic permission to handle, which can quickly share your customer videos with the right audience.
  • Save time by quickly building customer video campaigns that are specifically customized to your team’s target audience.


With the motto “Collect and embed reviews to build social proof and boost conversions,” JustReview comes third in my list of the 6 best social proof software lifetime deals. Show off your average rating and the number of reviews from the chosen services in the form of a transparent summary.


It’s the easiest way to draw your customers’ attention and make them realize how good your services and products are.

JustReview is a social proof software that lets you connect robust platforms and show off customers’ reviews on your website with branded widgets.

Key Features

  • JustReview supports social media and location-based apps like Facebook, Google Maps, and Yelp.
  • You can pull reviews from e-commerce sites, including Amazon, Etsy, eBay, and Google Shopping.
  • It has the fantastic features of review monitoring review, review requests, and social sharing.
  • Negative feedback and review badge management are its most interesting features.
  • JustReview is best for e-commerce, marketing agencies, and small businesses.

If you want your customer to be your product promoter, you are probably in the right place. FeedbackLink is your growth-hacking, customer-feedback tool which turns your customers into your promoter.


You can guide happy customers to review, share, tweet, or complete your custom survey.

Key Features

  • FeedbackLink supports multiple channels from which to get customer responses and reviews.
  • Automatically send review/feedback requests by integrating with software you already use.
  • Create beautiful, effortless surveys and polls.
  • Hear directly from your unhappy customers.


If you want all your testimonial campaigns in just one click with no hassle, then you must welcome Revscog. 92% of your potential customers check reviews before making a purchase. And sometimes, video reviews can make more impression than print reviews. Revscog does the same. It just spices up reviews with videos.


Request, filter, and displaying video reviews from your clients are much easier than before with Revscog.

Key Features

  • Send review requests by text to clients, either automated or individually.
  • View all recorded video reviews, and choose which to feature on your website.
  • Showcase the best video reviews directly on your website.
  • Create custom call-to-actions for your widget to increase conversion.
  • Create instant transcriptions of videos, boosting SEO.


Are you wasting your time reaching out to clients and asking them to leave reviews? Come on man. It’s 2022. Now it’s high time to change the backdrop. Saastic is here for you. Let Saastic automate the outreach to the right people at the right time.


Saastic works for you to collect reviews from your customers every day so you can build your reputation without spending time reaching out to people and following up. Saastic works by emailing or texting your customers based on a set strategy: 30 days after signup, 7 days after purchase, etc.

Key Features

  • Sync your customers with Stripe, HubSpot, or Zapier
  • Continuously request reviews every day for your service or product.
  • It instantly captures the negative reviews and doesn’t let your impression down to your competitors.
  • Real-time notifications
  • Instantly get notifications and emails when your clients leave a review or rating.
  • Show off your good reviews only on your customized showcase page.

Final Talk

In a nutshell, Social proof can be a game changer for your business. More or less, 95% of online shoppers read the reviews before purchasing, and almost 91% trust online reviews over recommendations from someone very close to them.

I hope you have enjoyed reading about the best social proof software Lifetime Deal. If you want to get social proof tools for your business growth, I strongly suggest one of the tools to increase your revenue.

I believe you will grab this opportunity without any delay! Please share this post with your friends and colleagues if you found this post helpful.

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