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Last Updated on October 1, 2022

Creating content from scratch can be challenging. But if a tool can generate 1500+ word articles instantly based on a keyword, then the matter becomes very easy. Wordplay AI Writing tools help you to create a long-form article within a minute with only one click. So If you’re looking to create a high-quality article in a short time, then the Wordplay AppSumo Lifetime deal is right for you.

In this WordPlay lifetime deal we will go through what is Wordplay? their features, pricing and lifetime deal terms and more.

Everyone is aware of the need to create articles for SEO, but doing so requires time and money, which is why you should use Wordplay AI to create high-quality content for you.

What is Wordplay?

Wordplay is an AI writing tool designed mostly for people who want to produce large-form articles quickly. Wordplay AI enables you to quickly and easily generate high-quality articles.


Using Wordplay, you can able to create 1,500+ words from a keyword in one click. Want to create content for your business let’s checkout Wordplay.

Wordplay also helps you to generate SEO-friendly content that ranks on Google quickly.

Key Features of Wordplay

You can create 4 types of articles using Wordplay. Let’s have a look at what types of content you can generate!

  • Keyword Mode
  • Outline Mode
  • Title Mode
  • Bulk CSV Mode
Wordplay lifetime deal

Keyword Mode:

Keyword mode is best if you have a list of keywords. You don’t really want to do the extra work to write out all the exact article titles, so if you have a list of keywords, you can plop them in here; for each keyword that you write here, you separate them by a line break and for each one of these keywords wordplay would go ahead and write an entire article about each one of these keywords.

Hence, if this is basically the best, if you want to do essentially no work at all, you have a list of keywords from ahrefs or wherever you are doing your keyword research. You want to know a lot of content fast for various topics. That’s where you’d want to use keyword mode now.

Outline Mode:

Outline mode is preferable if you want to be a little more specific about your writing. So, for instance, if you already have a particular title of the article and all the different sections within that article prepared, this is an excellent way to include specific keywords if you know that they will be needed to be included to be listed on Google. Boom Outline mode will be your best friend because you can write up to 12 subheadings on this mode.

It provides artificial intelligence (AI) with a little more information about the actual purpose you’re writing the article, so let’s go back to outline mode. The second option is title mode, which is similar to keyword mode except that you will use specific article names for each title here. This will create a new long-form piece of content for each title, totaling three articles.

Bulk CSV Mode:

You can produce bulk material simultaneously with WordPlay’s Bulk Content Creation option. You can add titles, subheadings, and other descriptions for each piece of content using the provided CSV templates.

The CSV template must only be filled out and uploaded to the WordPlay.ai dashboard. To create large amounts of stuff at once, wait a short while.

Not only that if you want to get another great deal to make content in a minute you can have a look this one. Writecream is also another great software that you can have for lifetime with only $59.

Why should you choose Wordplay?

Easy to Use:

If you believe operating Al power tools is complicated, you’re mistaken. The purpose of wordplay is to make content creation less difficult. Consequently, using it is simple. Wordplay makes it simple to produce top-notch content.

Whether you have previous experience or not, you can easily use it to create high-quality long-form articles. Because it is designed in such a way that anyone can easily use it to create articles.

Plagiarism Free:

Plagiarism is explicitly prohibited on Google. Google will track down any content that has been stolen. Plagiarized content does not rank well on Google. It can also prevent your website from copying content from other websites.

Wordplay will provide you with original writing that is entirely free of plagiarism. You don’t need to be concerned about Google exercising its copyright.

SEO Friendly:

Google uses AI to assess the value and caliber of content. Therefore, the most effective technique to ensure your material is suitable for these computations is to use an Al tool.

The deep learning techniques used in WordPlays All content production are complementary. They use it to produce material that Google can index and rank.

As a result, WordPlay will create content that is both excellent and beneficial. Additionally, it makes content that Google’s algorithms would often like and rank.

Single Article:

WordPlay offers three different categories of article-creating tools. The first is the tool called Generate Single Article. You should enter the article’s title and a summary of its contents.

You can also use two or three lines to discuss your subject. If you want to lengthen your article, you can add more subheadings.

Every subheading helps to produce more valuable and high-quality content, which translates into visitors. Isn’t that a simple matter?

Money Back Guarantee:

If you are unsatisfied with Wordplay in your first 60 days, you can request a refund. No matter what the reason.

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Wordplay Official Pricing

PlanBasic PlanPro PlanMass Plan
Bulk ImportYesYesYes
Schedule ContentYesYesYes
Money Back Guarantee30 day30 day30 day

Wordplay AppSumo Lifetime Deal Terms and Plans

Deal Terms:

  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Lifetime access to Wordplay
  • You must activate your license within 60 days of purchase
  • All future starter plan updates
Long Form AI WriterYes
Generate 1,500+ Word Articles from Single KeywordYes
Bulk ImportYes
Generate up to 7,500 words per monthYes
Price$99 (One Time Purchase)

Look at the given picture below for an about clear idea of their pricing plan;

wordplay pricing
Wordplay Pricing


You can create a 1500+ word article within a few seconds with this AppSumo Lifetime Plan. If you need a long-form AI Writer, don’t be late. So it is a great option to use Wordplay to make any kind of long content for your blog or website.

I hope you have enjoyed reading about the Wordplay AppSumo Lifetime Deal. I would highly recommend using Wordplay if you need a long-form AI writing assistant.

If you need it for your business, you should get it right now. You may get it for a lifetime for a considerably less price with the AppSumo lifetime deal. And the deal could end at any time.

I’m confident you’ll seize this chance right away! If you thought this information was beneficial, please spread the article to your friends.

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