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Last Updated on July 6, 2022

Building websites is needed to know how to code to build a website, Right? But what if you find a platform for building a customized website without coding? React Bricks AppSumo Lifetime Deal is such a platform that lets you build a flexible visual site without any coding knowledge, just using react components.

If you need a solution that works for your entire team, it’s a must to manage a headless CMS that has an advanced content repository. But with the user-friendly platform, React Bricks AppSumo Lifetime Deal you can do all of this with a simple no-code editor for designers and writers.

Create your website with just a simple click. Make yourself privileged with this lifetime access to React Bricks right now!

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An Overview of React Bricks AppSumo Lifetime Deal

React Bricks is a small Italian company of 5 people that are working for making web content editing interesting for you without learning any coding.

React Bricks is a content management system that lets your developers create a visual site builder. You don’t need to have any knowledge of how to code to build a website. Customize different elements on your page by simply dragging and dropping them.

React Bricks AppSumo Lifetime Deal
React Bricks AppSumo Lifetime Deal

The Content Management System of reacts Bricks help you To build an enterprise-quality site based on React components and it helps you to visualize the CMS so that you can use it as a Content Repository.

Also, you can integrate with dev-friendly tools like Next.js, Gatsby, and Remix, and give your content team a no-code editing interface. React Bricks is the best alternative to Storyblok, Builder, and Tina.

Why You Must Need React Bricks?

React bricks is covering Headless CMSs that are great for developers, but not for content creators. If you are looking for developing a visionary website with your diversified ideas, then you must need React Bricks.

React Bricks works with any CSS framework. Do you know what is the benefit of using CSS? A CSS framework gives them tools to quickly create a user interface that they repeat and tweak during a project Rather than starting every project from scratch.

Features of React Bricks

React tricks offer visual editing for content creators, react code for developers, and no way to break the design system. Let’s have a look at the exciting features and see why you should love it!

  • Best UX for Editors: React Bricks has the best UX for visual editing that let you customize your website according to your customer’s desire.
  • React components: React components are making your website design attractive and easy to adopt.
  • Creation of a new App in seconds: You can build an instant app with editing tools. And using the React Bricks CLI you’ll be able to create a new React Bricks app answering a few simple questions.
  • Hosting website anywhere: Hosting the website and Admin dashboard where you like. You can host your website on Vercel or any static web host or CDN.
React Bricks Lifetime Deal
React Bricks Lifetime Deal
  • Boosting SEO and perceived performance: React Bricks will serve your users optimized responsive images, lazy-loaded as they enter the viewport.
  • Scheduled publishing: Schedule each page’s published date and time. If you choose it, React Bricks will also call your build webhook to update the content of your static site.
  • Content history: For each page, you’ll be able to go back to the state before each action. Depending on your plan, you have different data retention policies.
  • Translation of pages’ content in 4 languages: Add languages via the Admin interface at any moment and translate your pages with a button click.
  • Reusing content blocks configurations: For each block, you can save your stories, configurations of content and properties to be reused later. Create once, and use it many times!

Plan and Features of React Bricks Pricing

React Bricks is an all-in-one platform that is not only friendly to developers, and designers but also to content Editors. It is offering three categories of pricing plans.

The professional package starts at $99 per month and it is suitable for small teams and growing startups building a website.

For the business package, you will avail of it by spending only $299 per month including 10 users, up to 500 pages, 6 languages and get unlimited email support.

React Bricks lifetime Deal Pricing
React Bricks Regular Pricing

It is not over yet! If you want to avail of the AppSumo pricing then you have to pay only $59 for license Tier 1and you will get all the exciting features including 2 active users, 50 pages, 1-day history retention and 10,000 API calls per month. For the next tiers, the pricing will be respectively $118 and $177 with 2 and 5 users

React Bricks Pricing
  • Lifetime access to React Bricks
  • Ability to upgrade or downgrade
  • All future Pro Plan updates
  • You must activate your license within 60 days of purchase
  • GDPR compliant
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Only for new React Bricks users

What is React Bricks Appsumo Lifetime Deal?

Appsumo platform offers a React Bricks Appsumo Lifetime Deal, which allows startups to save money on their development costs. Additionally, the React Bricks community is active and supportive, providing developers with helpful resources and feedback.

What is Headless CMS?

Headless CMS Means a headless Content Management System which is a back-end-only content management system that acts primarily as a content repository. A headless CMS makes content accessible via an API for display on any device without a built-in, front-end or presentation layer.

Will I Get API From React Bricks ?

No, you won’t. React Bricks does not provide any API.

Closing Thought

Enjoy building websites without any hassle. Your content team shouldn’t have to make any coding while they’re trying to edit websites or pages. Do it all with React Bricks. Get lifetime access to React Bricks today!

Have a look at the Lifetime Deals to get an exciting Productivity tool to make your life more interesting. If you get it valuable, share it with your colleagues and business partners to grow amid potential.

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