Hololink AppSumo Lifetime Deal [Only $59]: Browser-based AR Design Tool


Last Updated on April 23, 2022

Hololink is one of the best Augmented Reality (AR) based design tools for creative people. This type of tool is not cheap at all but fortunately, you can have now Hololink AppSumo Lifetime Deal for Only $59. This Browser-based AR Design Tool is easy to use and after buying this you will access it for a lifetime! Yes, you heard it right! So what are waiting for? Just grab the deal now! Don’t miss it!

The Hololink AppSumo Lifetime Deal is for the person who wants to get their content ready very quickly and get more attention to it. With Hololink AppSumo Lifetime Deal, you will get lifetime access to that tool. You also get a shareable infographic or video which will help promote your content on Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn and Pinterest too.

Well, Hololink is software that empowers everyone to create interactive Augmented Reality (AR) experiences. Creating custom AR experiences doesn’t have to be complicated. With Hololink 
you can bring life to business cards, posters,  flyers, user manuals, and product packaging. A very good thing about Hololink is: that you can do it all from a browser-based software – which means anyone with a computer can do it.

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With Hololink, you can start from scratch, but it is more than easy you might think, I personally like to kick things off by using one of the awesome pre-made templates of Hololink. Just click and it will start off 
on the storyboard. This is how we’re gonna create scenes for our Hololink. We’ll jump into 
scene one and start editing.

Create 3D Scenes with Lifetime Deal
Create 3D Scenes with a Lifetime Deal

Everything you can see on Hololink is 100% yours to customize with your own elements or a massive library of pre-made images, videos, and 3D models. Within just a few minutes, you can change up the design add new objects, and even link out to your website. When you’re done, click on “Preview” and you’ll get to see your genius in action.

Hololink Interface
Hololink Interface

If you see the result maybe you’re still doubting yourself. Because Hololink is super easy to use. But if it seems a bit complicated at the beginning. Don’t worry at all! Hololink team is ready to help you 24/7 basis.

With Hololink AppSumo Lifetime Deal you will not only get your lifetime access to their platform but also the membership to get access to the Hololink Academy. They have a full training portal packed with video tutorials, ebooks, and articles. Actually, everything else you could ever need to make Hololink work for you, you will get from them.

  • Lifetime access to Hololink
  • All future Growth Plan updates
  • Stack up to 5 codes
  • Features Included in All Plans
  • Intuitive drag-and-drop platform
  • Interactive actions
  • Huge 3D model library
  • Import your own 3D models
  • Analytics
  • Custom on-brand interface
  • Create unlimited Hololink-branded AR experiences

*** 60-day money-back guarantee, no matter the reason!

Hololink’s interactive AR has proved to be one of the best ways of getting your end-users to engage with your content and products.

To keep people engaged for longer than normal and make them remember your messages and brand more clearly than any other digital medium. You’ll be able to see this yourself with our built-in statistics tool.

Hololink Price List
Hololink Price List

Their regular price is really very expensive compared to their Lifetime Deal on AppSumo. Let’s see what covers their regular prices. Though they have a free plan you cant do professional work with that. Hololink has 4 regular plans in total. Free, Innovator, Growth and Enterprise.

  • 250 MB storage
  • Unlimited Project
  • Unlimited Team Members

To be honest, their Most Popular plan would be fit for anyone but see, it costs $59!
For the professionals who want to experience the full potential of Hololink.

  • Everything from free +
  • 3 GB storage
  • Remove watermark from 1 project
  • Statistics for your projects

This plan start per month at $99! So you can imagine how expensive are they! Hololink Growth Plan’s features are as below.

  • Everything from Innovator +
  • 5 GB storage
  • Remove watermark from 3 projects.

They didn’t mention the price of the Enterprise plan. We believe they have customized prices for that. But they have mentioned the features of the Enterprise plan which are as below.

  • Everything from Innovator +
  • Custom Storage
  • Personal Onboarding
  • Volume discount benefits.
  • Custom Development
  • Content Creation

One-Time Purchase of Hololink single code costs $59, double code $118 and multiple codes cost $177 for a lifetime. Please check the details price in the picture below.

Hololink AppSumo Lifetime Deal
Hololink AppSumo Lifetime Deal

✔️ You can create no-code AR experiences for the web using your own media or free assets like 3D models, videos, and images
✔️ Hololink is an alternative to Zappar, 8th Wall, and Unity
✔️ You can design an interactive user journey on a drag-and-drop storyboard
✔️ Hololink is best for agencies, creatives, and marketers looking to engage audiences and students with interactive AR experiences

If you compare Hololink’s regular price with their Lifetime Deal then, of course, they are very expensive. If you use their minimum package for one year then you have to pay at least $700. So if you grab Hololink’s Lifetime Offer with only $59, isn’t a good idea?


I know you were looking for software like this for a long time. So don’t miss this unique opportunity! Hololink AppSumo Lifetime Deal would be the best buy for your creative work. Since you have 60-days money-back guarantees there’s no risk to buying that. Actually, $59 is nothing for software like this for lifetime access. So we recommend you grab this as soon as possible!

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