Dukaan AppSumo Lifetime Deal: Get an eCommerce Site in Minutes [$49 Only]


Last Updated on June 14, 2022

Want to build a site without coding hassle? Dukaan AppSumo lifetime deal is your best companion for launching an eCommerce site or an online store in minutes.

Building an eCommerce site is always painful. There are a lot of complex processes of coding, design, configuring plug-ins, etc. If you’re not an expert at programming and don’t know how to build an eCommerce site then all your effort will go in vain.

The best of Dukaan is it allows you to create a customized App for your online store in 30 Seconds. Sounds great? If you wanna know about the ease of building apps and eCommerce sites without coding, then read this article. Here I am giving you step-by-step directions on why you should choose Dukaan and how it helps you.

The simple but creative interface motivates you immensely. Just get started and you will find lots of windows to explore. Try it right now!

Dukaan AppSumo Lifetime Deal
Dukaan AppSumo Lifetime Deal

Dukaan AppSumo Lifetime Deal: What is Dukaan?

Dukaan is an eCommerce platform that allows you to build, manage, and scale your store in seconds—no coding or design skills are required not even any help from experts. Dukaan does all you need for your ease.

This AppSumo Lifetime Deal lets you free from learning complex coding knowledge but offers you lifetime assistance to build your app and eCommerce site with a few clicks. You can use it on both mobile and computer, it’s just t your hand. Enjoy site making in minutes.

Build your online store in 30 Seconds
Build your online store in 30 Seconds

Why Dukaan is the Best?

Dukaan is best for Enterprises, D2C brands (Direct-to-Consumer) that often market and sell their products via online mediums, and SMBs(Small to Medium-sized Businesses) looking for the quickest way to set up and grow their eCommerce stores in an advanced system. Moreover, Dukaan offers you to make more money on each sale with no transaction fees on payments.

It is an alternative to Shopify, WooCommerce, and BigCommerce but undoubtedly Dukaan makes site building easier than that of these tools.

Features of Dukaan

Dukaan offers you all options for opening an online store like a physical store. What’s not there! starting from possible customer list to analytics dashboard with all over advanced SEO. You can reach customers from all around the world, no matter what their language. they can change the language setting from App. Check out the more exciting features:

  • All-in-One SEO Service
  • Options for Using in Multiple Language (App only)
  • WhatsApp Chat Support
  • Invoice Generator
  • Add Bulk Products
  • Catalog Builder
  • Store QR Code
  • Available Discount Coupons
  • Automatic Marketing Designs
  • Effective Customer List
  • Analytics Dashboard

Dukaan Products

Dukaan helps you to reach more customers by selling any products to increase your business profit. It’s like in your physical store you can sell everything regarding your customer’s demand.

Give a closer look at how Dukaan will help you to grow in seconds with your online store.

Get Dukaan App From Google Play Store Dukaan App
Get the Dukaan App From Google Play Store

Online Store(App)

  • Easy Set up

Dukaan offers you the most comfortable online store builder that lets you sell anything online. You will get a 14-day free trial plan to see how everything going on.

It sets the easiest interface that enables you to start your business instantly. Just download the app from the Google play store and start your journey.

  • Available Required Features

You will get all the necessary business tools like a marketing campaign, invoice generator, customer list, and online payment gateway in the Dukaan app. And you are ready to create, run and grow your store.

Whether you’re starting a new business or have a successful one already, getting your own online store smartly with Dukaan.

Available Features and Business Templates at Dukaan
Available Features and Business Templates at Dukaan
  • Ready-made Business Templates

With Dukaan, you just choose templates related to your business type and jump into the markets in minutes.

You can choose advanced templates like lightspeed Pro or Matrix Lite. You don’t have to code or design rather you can focus on growing your business and customers’ demand.

  • Remote Management

You can manage your business online from a remote location. It is not any problem whether you navigate it with mobile or web platforms.

With mobile, you can accept orders, add a new product, make payments, and manage to ship anything from your current location.

See How Businesses Use Dukaan
See How Businesses Use Dukaan

Dukaan Plugins

Dukaan makes their app with lots of important plugins that boost your business faster. You can simply add those plugins for extra functionality and automate your work to customize features with its available plugins.

Dukaan offers more than 47 plugins for your business growth. You know, it contains the popular plug-ins like Mailchimp, Shippo and Privy Ecommerce Marketing and others that help you to boost business at the best rates.

Dukaan Plug-ins
Dukaan Plug-ins

Here are the Six Categories of plug-ins that Dukaan provides:

  • Analytics: With this kind of plug-in, you can track customers’ behaviour, location, what product they are using and what they are long for. You will get six business tools in this category. Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel etc.
  • Customer Support: Here you will have ten different kinds of customer supporting tools that let you reach your target customers. Team Chat, What’s App Chat Support, Intercom Live Chat etc.
  • Marketing: This is the most important category out there. This includes business tools that create opportunities to survive in the market with 18 exclusive plugins like All in one SEO, Mailchimp, Google Merchant Center and others.
  • Shipping: If your products are physical good, then you must need a Shipping tool for a safe delivery process. You can use Distance Based Delivery or shippo plug-ins.
  • Store Management: There are eight kinds of plug-ins to manage your online store by offering discount coupons, exciting deals etc. Amazon Review Importer, Bag Control, Shopify Importer and others help you with in-store management
  • Utilities: In the end, Dukaan also thinks of your security, and allows you to set regulations, ensuring that your customers obey your company policy for a long-term online business. Trusted Badge, CookieYes, CookieBot etc are here for your assistance.

Dukaan Pricing Plans

Dukaan sets three pricing plans for three categories of people.

Entrepreneur: If you are getting started with a small business or an influencer then you can start with the entrepreneur package only at $9.99 per month. Before paying, Duakaan allows you 14-day free trial. It’s the most convenient deal out there. And will get lifetime support with lots of other benefits. Have a look at these benefits:

  • 1 Online Store and 5 Staff Accounts
  • Unlimited Products
  • Order Management
  • Get Store APK
  • Payment Gateway integration
  • Marketing Tools and Discount Codes
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Abandoned Cart Recovery
  • Themes and Plugins
  • 24/7 Support
Dukaan Pricing
Get the Most Affordable Pricing at Dukaan

Agency: For agencies, D2C brands and multiple teams only at $49.99 / month. Here is also a free trail period of 14 days. You can check whether your investment is worthy of it. And with this package you will get all from Entrepreneur package and the following:

  • Everything in Entrepreneur, plus
  • 10 online stores
  • Get store AAB file (Play store)
  • 10 staff accounts per store

Enterprise: Customize your plans if you have a large company. Before you have this, you check and go through the “Get in Touch” option for this lifetime Deal. And the following benefits:

  • Everything in Agency, plus
  • Tailor-made themes
  • Custom CRM integrations
  • All other needs large enterprises might have

What is Dukaan?

Dukaan App is an eCommerce Site building platform that enables you as a merchant, retailer, and others with zero programming skills to set up your very own e-commerce store using a smartphone in 30 seconds with its built-in system.

How to Start an Online Store?

You can start your online store within a minute on Dukaan. Download the app from the Google app store and sign in using your phone number. Enter store name, business category and your own online store are ready.

Why should I choose Dukaan?

Choosing Dukaan enables you to create a digital store or turn your local stores to become digital and use WhatsApp to sell your products. All you need to do is download the app, register their business, which takes less than a minute, and list your products. The link to your store can be shared with customers via WhatsApp for direct orders. And boom! Now, you are a digital store owner.

Closing Thoughts

Dukaan is an online store generator that helps you to build your online store or online sites or apps in minutes with their easiest interface. You just choose a plan and click, and then the rest of the job is upon Dukaan. Chase your dreams, and start your online store to be an independent entrepreneur with Dukaan.

If you want such easy business tools, have a look at the Appsumo Lifetime deals, there are enormous tools that make your life easier.

Get it right now for only $49. This is a short-time discount offered by Dukaan. So, get hurried before time finished. Share the amazing productivity tool with your circle to be benefited altogether.

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