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Last Updated on March 23, 2022

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is making our life so easier. To write anything fast you should have an AI Writer Lifetime Deal so that you don’t need to pay every single month. Here you will find the Complete Guide to AI Writer Lifetime Deals and how they are disrupting the writing industry.

What is an AI Writer Lifetime Deal?

AI Writer Lifetime Deal is software that generates content for you. It’s a lifetime deal, which means that once purchased, it will be with you for life!

The AI Writer Lifetime Deal is an all-in-one software package that offers all the benefits of AI writing and content generation. It includes:

  • A powerful and intelligent text generator
  • A comprehensive library of over 120 million words to use in your writing
  • A copywriter assistant to help with writer’s block and generate ideas at scale
  • An editor to polish your final drafts

Why need an AI Writer Lifetime Deal?

In recent times, AI writers are disrupting the traditional writing industry. Of course AI writing tool is not like a human writer but sometimes it can even write better than some writers.

So if you need huge content and need to get help with grammar and paraphrasing then you should have an AI writing assistant tool. We have a vast collection of AI writing assistant tools here. Please have a look.

But as I said, if you need to write huge text then it is better to go for a lifetime deal of AI writing tool. Even then you can sell your writeups on different marketplaces such as Fiverr, Upwork etc.

How to get AI Writer Lifetime Deal?

Lifetime deals are a new trend in AI writing which is not only helping companies to save money but also giving them access to quality content at an affordable price.

Companies that offer lifetime deals are not just saving money on content, they are also reducing their workload with these AI writers.

A lot of companies have already started using this new trend and it is predicted that in the future, more and more companies will start implementing these lifetime deals.

We have managed ClosersCopy to have a lifetime deal for you so that you can write better content and be very successful in a short period of time.

How Does an AI Writer Lifetime Deal Work?

An AI writer’s lifetime deal is lifetime access to a company’s AI writing software. The company offers (in our case ClosersCopy) this lifetime deal in order to get more customers.

The cost of an AI writer’s lifetime deal varies from one company to the other. It can be anywhere from $99 to $19,999. But ClosersCopy is giving their Professional Lifetime package only $237 as a one-time fee.

CloserCopy Lifetime Deal

Benefits of Using an AI Writer Lifetime Deal

AI writers are a great way to generate content for your blog at scale. With these AI assistants, you can focus on what you do best and leave the writing to the AI assistant.

AI writers are not a replacement for human writers. They just provide assistance to content writers by getting rid of writer’s block and generating content ideas at scale.

Is it Worth Investing in an AI Writers Lifetime Deal?

Some people might be wondering if it’s worth investing in an AI writer lifetime deal. The answer to that question is yes, because of the benefits that come with it.

The first benefit of buying a lifetime software is that you are able to use it for as long as you want without paying any additional charges. This is not the case with other versions of the software, which usually have a time limit for how long they can be used before being charged again.

Another benefit of buying a lifetime version of your favorite writing app is that you are able to get more features on the app than on other versions. For example, some apps offer more storage space or more fonts on their lifetime versions than they do on their other versions.

What are the Best Features of an AI Writer’s Lifetime Deal?

The lifetime deal is a type of offer that gives the customer an upfront discount on the product. The customer pays one fee and they can use it for life.

Some of the best features of an AI writer’s lifetime deal are:

  • A lower upfront cost with no recurring fees
  • Access to all features for life without paying any additional fees
  • Lifetime technical support


With so many copywriting tools on the market today it can be hard to decide which one is right for you. Luckily, we have compiled a list of the top features in each program that will help you decide which one is best for your needs. Please check our detailed article to get the best one which fits with you better.

I believe this post will help you to find the best AI Writing Assistant Tool at a competitive price ever! If you find this article helpful then please share it with your friends or on social media.

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