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Last Updated on September 26, 2022

Currently, website speed impacts highly for visitors. If your website takes much time to load and is quite slow, you risk losing your users or visitors. However, meet the RabbitLoader web caching WordPress plugin, which will make your website faster than now.

In this article, we have a detailed review of the RabbitLoader WordPress Cache Plugin. However, RabbitLoader is top WpRocket’s alternative WordPress plugins. It is used to make website loading time fast and increase google page speed insight scores.

RabbitLoader Lifetime Deal is now available on AppSumo. Just check it out!

What is RabbitLoader?

RabbitLoader is a cache management tool for websites to make them fast. It has recently become more popular and is being used worldwide to accelerate website performance. It clears and minifies the website’s unnecessary and used HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files.

RabbitLoader also helps by saving your server’s CDN or data transmission charges by ensuring some resources are not downloaded until the client looks to where it is necessary. So, CDN is included in this tool.

You may know that using CDN if any of your visitors want to access content from your website, then CDN makes it fast by accessing content from visitors or users’ local data centers. That’s how visitors access your website’s content, a faster version loads from the CDN cloud from the nearest data center.

And here you go with RabbitLoader, which offers you the highest number of CDN points. The number of CDN points is approximately 300. Besides, it is one of the fastest hosting platforms among the available plugins. In a word, it will completely improve your website performance and boost page load time.

How Does RabbitLoader Work?

RabbitLoader basically scans your website and auto-minifies all the overloading files, such as HTML files, JavaScript files, and CSS files. Without auto-minifying files, it also reduces all image sizes in a suitable suggestion to load the website quickly. This gives the website more rapid loading speeds. Many website optimization features come with RabbitLoader, such as;

  • Webp Images
  • Brotli Compression
  • Lazy loading
  • LQIP
  • Prefetching and Preloading
  • Page Rules
  • Http/2

Webp Images: Converting Images into a quicker loading format for web browsers.

Brotli Compression:  Zipping the files sent across the network.

Lazy loading: Delayed loading time of the pictures/videos.

LQIP: Show blurred placeholder for images.

Prefetching and Preloading: Preloading the site on a browser gives a quicker experience to users.

Page Rules: Able to access pages that you want to cache or not.

Http/2: Complete access to request and response can be signaled.

These tools combine and work for every website type to optimize their loading speed for all countries, browsers, devices, and bandwidth. Besides, google page speed also increased by using these optimization features.

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How to use RabbitLoader?

Compared with other WordPress cache management plugins such as W3 total cache, WpRocket, LightSpeed cache, etc., the usage and Installation of RabbitLoader are relatively easy. Everything happens automatically without performing any configuration. You don’t need to set up the plugin.

  • All you need to use the plugin is just search the RabbitLoader plugin in your WordPress site’s dashboard and install it.
  • Now it will ask you to connect the plugin with the RabbitLoader website by using or creating a new account.
  • After that, add your website to the account on which you have installed the RabbitLoader plugin.

That was the installation process. Now RabbitLoader automatically scans the website you have added, does its optimization, and later loads it on their CDN.

After 24 hours, you will be able to see the plugin’s optimization is done. The RabbitLoader plugin dashboard shows page speed for every optimized Link (URLs), Image, CDN, and more. In the URL performance tab, you can even see page speed for your website and every page for mobile and desktop versions. You can check or re-evaluate your website’s load time. I hope it will improve a lot compared to before using this plugin.

Why should you Choose RabbitLoader?

RabbitLoader added an outstanding feature where images are optimized without site owners putting any additional effort. This feature will automatically convert your website’s images to WebP image format.

RabbitLoader AppSumo

Apart from the image compression tool, there a ton of tools included with this plugin which all are used to cache is your website’s every type of file. As a result, your website’s loading time improves much better than before.

  • Make your website load quickly and improve page speed to score 100
  • Very simple to use and understand user interfaces
  • Improve Google rankings
  • Best WpRocket alternative cache plugin
  • No manual settings or configurations are required. Everything will be done automatically.
  • Built-in CDN with 300+ points to load your website rapidly from all over the world
  • Email and Phone supports are available

RabbitLoader Lifetime Deal Term & Pricing

Here’s the best part, currently, RabbitLoader Lifetime Deal is available on AppSumo with a one-time payment starting from $59 only for 5 sites.

Deal Terms:

  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Lifetime access to RabbitLoader
  • You must activate your license within 60 days of purchase
  • All future starter plan updates

Tire 1 Plan – $59

  • 100 GB monthly traffic bandwidth
  • 5 websites
  • 25-page rules
  • Unlimited page views

Tire 2 Plan – $109

  • 250 GB monthly traffic bandwidth
  • Unlimited websites
  • Unlimited page rules
  • Unlimited page views

Tire 2 Plan – $189

  • 500 GB monthly traffic bandwidth
  • Unlimited websites
  • Unlimited page rules
  • Unlimited page views

One of the best satisfying fact that RabbitLoader comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee and refund policy. This means if somehow you are not satisfied with the results after buying the plugin subscription, return it within 60 days, and you will get a full refund.

That’s really cool, but a fun fact is you don’t need to stay unsatisfied after using this plugin.

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Final Thought

RabbitLoader is currently one of the best WordPress plugins; breaking all the obstacles using this cache plugin means boosting your website performance and loading your site fast from the CDN cloud.

RabbitLoader AppSumo Lifetime Deal

As I mentioned earlier, you need to install the plugin, and that’s all. Left things will be done automatically by themselves. Isn’t it a cool staff? Left things mean minifying enormous files, resizing images, turning them into Webp format, converting images into browser-suited & fast-loading image format, and offering 300+ CDN points to load your website faster anywhere in the world. I think that for which are you waiting, right?

So, if you also want to improve google page speed insights, you should try the RabbitLoader WordPress plugin once. Using this plugin, make your users and search engines happy. RabbitLoader brings all the pieces of technology you need to accelerate your website’s loading.

Such lifetime deals are only available for a limited time. I strongly suggest you seize this opportunity as soon as you can.

I hope you will benefit from this RabbitLoader AppSumo Lifetime Deal! Please share this article with your friends and coworkers if you think they might find it beneficial.

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