How to Find Best AI Writing Tool in 2023: The Ultimate Guide


Last Updated on March 11, 2023

We have an important question at hand regarding AI-powered writing tools. How to find best AI writing tool? This question is bugging a lot of new AI tool users. I think it is a valid question, and it deserves answers.

Are you a new AI tool user? Is the number of AI writing tools present in the market overwhelming you? Are you in dire need of a suitable AI writing tool? Are you struggling to find high-quality AI writers within your budget?

If you are here, your answer to most of the questions above must be positive. Educate yourself about AI writing tools first unless you want to take a bad decision.

As your tech friend, I do not want you to make a bad decision. So, I am here to help you learn how to find best AI writing tool.

What Is An AI Writing Tool?

Some of you might be new to the term “AI writing tool.” Let me clarify what an AI writing tool is. An AI writing tool is an artificial intelligence-based software that can create written content on command.

What is AI Writing Tool

Suppose you need to write content but lack the resources, skills or creativity. Maybe you are simply going through writer’s block and do not have enough time to recover and finish writing. This type of situation calls for an AI writing tool.

You just have to input the right information; this AI-based software will instantly write the desired content.

AI writing tools can work fast, so they are suitable for creating urgent content. They can create huge paragraphs within seconds. The grammatical accuracy rate of high-quality AI writers is top-notch.

AI-based writing tools can write various types of content, including essays, research papers, scripts, advertisements, etc. I personally believe that the best use for these tools relies on the marketing sector.

How Do AI Writing Tools Work?

From the definition, you know that AI writing tools work based on artificial intelligence. An AI writing tool uses machine learning techniques to educate itself on its own. These tools become more intelligent and skilled over time and usage.

The work process of an AI-powered writing tool is similar to how we write content in real life. If you break down the writing process of a real human, you will find three steps.

  • Research
  • Learn
  • Write

The first step to making well-written content is gathering as much knowledge as possible. So we research the topic we want to write about and gather information. We try to learn from the knowledge we have gathered, and at last, we write all those knowledge down using our own style. We can be creative and poetic, we can be formal or friendly, and it’s all up to our preference. This technique is almost identical to the work process of AI writing tools.

You first have to provide the AI software with proper input, including relevant keywords. It will then use that information to search online for related content and gather knowledge. Then it will analyze the information it gathered and use the results to write well-balanced articles. Most good-quality AI writing tools give you the freedom to choose your writing style and tone. Besides you can also edit the results to make them flawless.

The AI writing tools also check grammatical flaws and plagiarism factors. So, you can get unique, fresh and flawless content within seconds. 

Who Needs AI Writing Tool?

AI writing tools are not for just anybody. I mean, you can keep it for casual tasks, but you do not actually need it unless your job requires it.

Some of you might already be thinking about writing a complete book with it. You can definitely write a book using it, but I do not believe that will be an ethical and correct representation of creativity.

Let’s see which situations call for an AI writing tool-

  • Marketing Content, advertisements, email, messages, etc.
  • YouTube Video Scripts and dialogues.
  • Create Social Media Content like Facebook and Twitter posts, Instagram captions, etc.
  • Blog Posts (for personal use or if your job asks for it).
  • Generate ideas (When you need new concepts or you are facing writer’s block).

How to Find Best AI Writing Tool?

You have gathered all the basic knowledge about AI-powered writing tools at this point in the article. Now it is time to choose a suitable AI writing tool. But the current tech market is full of similar tools of different qualities. How in the world do you even select the right AI-based content-writing tool?

I’m here to tell you how to choose the best AI writing tool and save you from the hassle. So, here are the factors you need to consider while trying to select a good AI writing tool-

1. Ease of Use 

When you are using a tool, difficulty or ease of use can create a strong first impression. Not just the first impression, overall satisfaction falls mostly on user-friendliness.

If the interface of an AI writing tool is complicated, using it will feel like a hassle. Long-term commitment towards that tool will feel like a toxic relationship. So, make sure you check the ease and comfort of the AI writing tools.

2. Generation Speed

How fast your tool can generate content is a big factor. You definitely do not want to sit all day long working on one pesky little project.

We know AI tools can write content quickly, but how fast? Is the tool taking too long to process the input? Is your AI-based tool buffering while delivering the output? These questions are essential when you are checking out AI-powered content writing tools.

3. Output Quality

Of course, you need to consider the output quality more than anything else! I’m sure you do not want to waste your money on a tool that delivers a pile of dumb words. Instead, you need a tool to get some high-quality, professionally written content.

How is the writing quality of the output? Is the output true and relevant to the original topic? Is the writing style smart, and does it satisfy your taste? You should ask yourself these questions when you are looking for an AI writing tool.

4. Grammar and Spelling Accuracy

Let’s be real; without grammar and spelling accuracy, a written piece will sound very dumb. You do not want your AI-written content to sound like that, do you?

So, make sure your AI content writer has a grammar checker. Also, do not forget to test the spelling accuracy of the output.

5. Uniqueness

Do you like to get tangled in legal problems regarding plagiarism? Of course, you do not, and this is why you need to be cautious while publishing anything online.

Make sure your AI content writer delivers fresh and unique content. Google despises plagiarism. So, post plagiarism-free content unless you want to be blacklisted by Google.  

6. SEO Capability

You want your content to reach the top position in the Google ranking, but your content writer isn’t helping. In this desperate situation, you need to opt for a content writing tool that provides high-quality SEO tools.

Your content writing tool’s output will be worth nothing if it lacks SEO properties. So make sure the writing software you choose generates SEO-friendly content.

7. Extra Features

Software needs to provide some bonus features to stand out. So far, we have only talked about the basic essential features of AI writing software. But without some bonus features like templates, advanced editor, etc., the whole AI writing experience is bland and incomplete.

So, look out for the writing software that provides the best features. 

8. Budget

How can we forget about your budget in this conversation? Budget is a huge factor in making any kind of purchase. Leaving this topic out of the discussion will be as meaningless as trying to fill up a pot with holes.

You must set a budget before you even search for the best AI writing tool. You need to consider how many features you can gobble up within your specified budget.

Is AI writing tool bad for creativity?

So are AI writing tools harming and disrespecting creativity? This is a burning question of 2023, and I feel like people need an answer.

I believe AI writers’ impact on natural creativity depends on the users and their intentions. Are you using AI tools to make creative content like stories, songs, etc. and claiming them as your own work? Or are you using them ethically for valid personal and professional purposes?

Sometimes you need to write a blog post, Facebook content, or send an email, and you do not have the time. You can easily use AI content writers in those situations. I have already talked about the situations where you can use an AI writer.

In the end, we all have a sense of ethics, and we know what disrespecting creativity is. If you are using an AI writer, it is up to you to make sure it does not hurt creativity.

Last of all, legal AI writing tool companies do not support the unethical use of AI writers. They highly recommend using these tools in a way that is creativity friendly.

FAQs about How to Find Best AI Writing Tool

Is AI copywriting software an AI writing tool?

Yes, AI copywriting software is one type of AI writing tool used for generating blog posts, social media content, and articles.

Can I improve my writing using AI writing assistants?

You can use AI writing assistants like Quillbot to upgrade your writing style.

Are AI writers automatic?

AI writing tools have automatic functions that save you from repetitive tasks.

Can an AI writing tool help me write my resume?

You just have to pick up the perfect template and provide your information.

What are the sectors to ethically use AI writers in creative lines of work?

You can use AI for creative concept generation, translation, textual analysis, etc.


Artificial intelligence is a new concept to most of the world. Most people do not know the possibilities this technology has and the comfort it can provide in the near future. Nevertheless, artificial intelligence has started a tech revolution, and AI writing tools are part of it.

If your job requires quickly written content generation, you can go for AI writing tools. You can also use AI writers for personal use as well. But you cannot have a good experience of this tech revolution with a poorly developed AI tool. So, be wise and choose your AI writing tool cautiously.

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